Clarion Call for Peaceful Election 2022.

Alexander the Great wanted to conquer the world, Elon Musk yearns to take a cluster of people to Mars, Muller wanted to build a team that no one could beat while Kenyans of goodwill, desperately crave harmony. Peace is an invaluable currency. It is indispensable that we all be envoys of peace during this period of election in our motherland.

Let’s vote for peace.

Comrades contend that you can’t stop an ejaculation whose moment has come. Similarly, one can’t stop the general elections from occurring. Thus, as the date nears, I would wish to emphasize that we strive to be the enzymes of peace. Let it be the end product of the exothermic process called elections. Devoted Christians affirm that love and peace are among the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Let’s grab these golden fruits gleefully and partake of them with gratitude.

Interestingly, our Kenyan flag is symbolic. The green colour stands for vegetation, white for peace, red for the blood that was shed during the tussle for liberation and black for the citizens. We need to keep this in mind even as we fight to retain the tranquillity theme spearheaded by our valiant ancestors. Let’s all unite and defeat our mutual enemies called hatred and tribal ethnicity. We are one Kenya, one tribe.

Kenyan flag flying high in a government institution.

Your pals will come through for you in case of a need, unlike the politicians whom you adore so much. Remember, when chaos erupts the ones at the top pyramid won’t get hurt but it’s the one at the lowest who will pay the hefty price. Don’t accept to be the sacrificial lamb. Let’s remember, “Tusiblead ndio wa-lead.”

On that note, the I.E.B.C Youth Coordinating Committee affably invites everyone to the National Youth Prayers and Peace Festival this Sunday 7/08/2022 at K.I.C.C. Below is the link to the event. Confirm your attendance by signing in the link below. Finally, bear in mind we must erect and constantly nurture an impermeable fortress of peace.

A poster for an event occurring at K.I.C.C on August 7 2022.

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