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Rude and Arrogant Secretaries at Technical University of Kenya’s Finance Counters Frustrating Students and Parents Seeking Services.

On Monday 13th March 2023, a section of students at the Technical University of Kenya expressed their dissatisfaction with the decorum in which secretaries at the counter offices in the university conduct their services.

Complaint of secrerarie’s decorum as issued in TU-K BLAST.

They lamented the insolence and egotism of the secretaries. Yelling and dishing out insults and threats at students has been the order of the day. On the contrary, other secretaries in the same institution but in different departments conduct their work efficiently and with kindness.

Despite the secretaries at the counters reporting to their work stations at 9.00 a.m, only two of them will start offering services at 2.00 p.m. During morning hours, they all engage in gossip as they browse their phones. How can only two secretaries in an institution of higher learning serve a population of not less than 17,000 students for four hours only? Isn’t this mockery of a world-class university?

Moreover, they scorn and threaten students and parents alike who call them out for accountability. At 4.00 p.m, they immediately depart the offices regardless of whether people are waiting to be served or not. This cycle continues the following day till the end month when they delightedly receive their salaries.

The notion of combatting the rudeness of secretaries has always been used as a campaign tool by various aspirants during the electioneering period. Unfortunately, once sworn in, the matter isn’t followed up. Hence, students and parents continue suffering psychologically and emotionally after being duped.

4 days later after the rants were aired in the TU-K Blast Whatsapp Group that hosts more than 500 students, no action has been taken. Only Maurice Cornel, School Representative of School of Mathematics and Actuarial Science, was in agreement with the students’ lamentations and willing to offer a helping hand. A formal letter regarding action to be taken by student leaders is yet to be issued. In the previous S.A.T.U.K government, members of the executive would promptly address grievances and ensure a follow-up.

Currently, students feel neglected and doubled cross by the current one. They have termed the current S.A.T.U.K as the weakest leadership despite riding under the mantra of “freedom is coming” in their previous campaigns. Six months after being sworn in, freedom seems an illusion.

Through the spirit of Ubuntu, students decided they will demand for justice independently since their pleas have been ignored.

Students being encouraged to work in unison to eliminate the vice.

A peaceful meeting is set to be held to liberate comrades from the york of insolent secretaries and fragile leaders. There has been a proposal of organising a Kamukunji (meeting) to discuss the issues further.

Indeed, enough is enough!

Jubilation as Members of Technical University of Kenya Kamba Students’ Association ushers in New Leadership 2023/2024.

Maintaining fairness in elections has often been termed an oxymoron worldwide. However, the Technical University of Kenya Kamba Students’ Association defied this by conducting free and fair elections on the 2nd of March 2023.

The electoral process was swiftly facilitated by an electrol board. Fidel Mutiso acted as the Chairman and Mary Mutisya assumed the role of the Clerk of the Electoral Board. The outgoing leaders of the association include: Lucas Mteti (Chairperson), Hannah Mutuku (Vice-chairperson), and Charles Ngei (Secretary-General).

From left to right: Peter Mani (former SATUK Chairperson, centre-Lucas Mteti (Kisiagi) and at the right-Alex Nguma(New Chair of TUKSA).

The students duly elected their preferred house leaders 2023/2024 as follows:

Alexander Nguma- Chairperson, Faith Mutuku- Vice-chairperson, Francis Mwendwa- Finance Secretary, Elijah Yenge Musyoka- Secretary General, Peter kanyua- Organizing Secretary, Philip Muasya- Makueni County Representative, Peter Willy- Kitui County Representative, and Charles Kioko- Machakos County representative.

Pics of the newly elected student leaders of TUKSA.

Verily, no one can whistle a symphony since it takes a whole orchestra to play. Therefore, the caravan of the Technical University of Kenya Kamba Students’ Association can only run effectively through the collaboration of the elected leaders. The hope for steadily steering this caravan will be jammed through their integrity, fuelled through democracy, and steered by competency.

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Ruth Maina: the Business Empress, Beauty icon and a Go-getter.

She is among the movers and shakers of the Technical University of Kenya. Ruth Maina, popularly known as Mynar, is a finalist student awaiting graduation at the Technical University of Kenya. She hails from the School of Business and Management Studies where she has been undertaking a course in Business Administration.

The ever focused and jovial Ruth Maina.

Endowed with beauty, she walks around cladded in humility; humor being her close pal. We had a talk with the ever-jovial fashion icon and steadfast entrepreneur on various issues regarding herself and her opinions on school matters. Below is the conversation.

Describe yourself: (smiles) My name is Ruth Wangui Maina. I am 23 years old, a proud Salesian Youth, and the last born in my family where I happen to be the only girl.

Describe your stay in TU-K: I joined the institution in July 2019. My stay there was quite okay until I decided to join politics which ultimately became a game changer. Politics impacted my life both positively and negatively. Nevertheless, am grateful for the experience.

Who is your mentor: My mother is my mentor since I grew up in a business-oriented family. She has inspired and molded me into whom I am. Being a business lady, I’ll take all risks to front a business idea on the table.

Who is your favourite musician: The late John De’mathew and Samidoh.

Ruth Maina during a recent photo shoot.

What are some of the challenges students face in the institution: Expensive accommodation, scarcity of chairs and bumping into people in the city. (laughs) kuna time niligongwa na mamaa mmoja na bag karibu nianguke nikashikiliwa na makanga. ( A woman once hit me with a bag. I was at the verge of falling when one tout held me).

What motivates you in life: Plastic receptacles since they remain useful even after being discarded. Moreover, most of them bear the writing, “Recycle me” which metaphorically translates to seeking another chance. Therefore, I believe everyone should be given a second chance to showcase their capabilities in all domains apart from love.

What’s your favorite fruit: I love both watermelon and kiwi. The former is due to its sweetness while the latter is because it cools me down whenever I overthink.

What are your hobbies: Sleeping, watching reality television shows, laughing, and taking photos of the environment.

What’s your advice to continuing students: (thinks deeply) Hey loves. Firstly, live your life to the fullest; living each day as if it is your last. Secondly, always be good to the multitude regardless of the situation. Thirdly, be authentic and avoid comparisons. Fourthly, work smart and remember that an academic certificate will always be significant. Finally, put God first constantly in all your undertakings.

Ruth Maina during her first year in the university.

Malfunctioning of the Lift in S-Block that almost led to the Demise of eight Students at Technical University of Kenya.

On 7/2/2023, that is, last week Friday, a group of 8 students from Technical University of Kenya painfully acknowledged that life seldom grants us second chances. The following is a tale of hope that transcended matter, time, and space to bring restoration as narrated by the survivors. It occurred within 30 minutes at the elevator in the newly opened S-Block at the Technical University of Kenya.

The newly opened S-Block where the lifts malfunctioned.

On Friday, last week at 3.20 pm, 8 students embarked the ill-fated elevator on S-block which was by then in good condition. They were heading to seventh floor from ground floor merrily. On their way, it suddenly halted, lights went off, the execution buttons failed, the conditioning system stopped functioning and communication network went down.

They were all smiles at the time of embarking the elevator.

Very few calls went through. Communication with the security personnel of the elevator in charge of picking up emergency numbers was rendered fruitless. By then, aching pangs of freedom grew louder. Unfortunately, they were running short of oxygen and time wasn’t on their side.

They were armed with the only remaining resources for survival: optimism and prayers. Fortunately, their frantic calls to some Good Samaritans were answered: Kirera Muchoki (TU-K President), Collins Cheruiyot ( congressman school of Survey and Spatial Sciences), and Onesmus (class representative). They collaboratively came to the rescue of the students.

The 8 students discussing in the elevator.

There was a constellation of joy as they disembarked from the ill-fated lift. Every chamber of their heart was perforated with joy. It’s hopeful that such cases will be averted in the future to avoid a possible calamity.

We have drafted a set of guidelines to follow if trapped in the elevator:

1. Maintain tranquility.
2. Find a source of light.
3. Push the “door open” button.
4. Press the call button.
5. Press the alarm button.
6. Yell for help. 7. Wait for aid.

Verily, hope buoys the human spirit and comforts the troubled soul.

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A Recap of the top 7 Activities that took place at the Technical University of Kenya in the Month of January 2023.

The Technical University of Kenya has been buzzing with numerous activities after ushering the new year; 2023. Here are the top seven highlights of what happened at the Technical University of Kenya in January 2023 as compiled and presented to you by Frenchbaby Press:

1. A.D.L Talk by French Dignitaries from French Embassy on 10/1/2023.

The Technical University of Kenya hosted the first national visit by dignitaries from French Embassy at the TU-K Main Hall. It was an in-depth talk on the Student Exchange Program as Language Assistants in France. In attendance, was the TU-K club patron; Dr. Teresa Atieno, the TU-K French lecturers, the French Language Assistants in TU-K, students from TU-K and various universities.

A poster on A.D.L Talk held on Main Hall.

2. Loss of Elizabeth Mwangi on 12/01/2023 and Caleb Maisiba on 15/01/2023.

A photo of Elizabeth Mwangi and Caleb Maisiba who passed away.

There was a somber mood at the Technical University of Kenya after the sudden demise of two of its promising academic champions: Elizabeth and Caleb. Elizabeth Mwangi succumbed to an illness while Caleb Maisiba drowned in a swimming pool. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

Announcements on the duos death via Whatsapp.

3. Boycotting of Class representatives after Release of Memo on 25th January 2023.

The class representatives officially released a memo to announce that they were downing their tools on 30/1/2023. This is after failing to get paid for two consecutive terms. They claimed their pleas are yet to be heard. The Academic Secretary, Stephany, is yet to officially/publicly address the matter.

A memo released by school representatives on their go-slow due to pending payments.

Moreover, there have been complaints that the Academic Secretary is unresponsive to pleas of the students in relation to Academics. This is in contrary to how the former Academic Secretaries; Fredrick and Tryphone responded to the woos of the students.

Two separate Whatsapp Messages with the first one from a class representative confirming that their issues aren’t being addressed by the Academic Secretary. The second one is from a student lamenting on the unresponsiveness of the Academic Secretary in the famous Whatsapp Group, TU-K Blast.

4. Secretary-General, Peter Ogutu, Orders for Return of Normalcy at the Student Center after its Closure on 25/01/2023.

The Student Centre remained closed for the past two weeks. This was due to the lapse and subsequent termination of previous service providers’ contracts and the opening of applications on the same. It was also undergoing renovations. Unfortunately, comrades were being inconvenienced in terms of outsourcing for services outside school; which had proved to be expensive. The SG, Peter Ogutu, on Thursday released a chilling memo on the repercussions that would occur to the stakeholders if normalcy wasn’t restored after 72 hours.

A memo from the Secretary-General, Peter Ogutu regarding the normalcy at Student Centre.

5. A Meeting for International Students held on 24/01/2023 at Room 31.

International students had a rendezvous on 24th January 2023 in Room 31. There was a brief introduction of the new members. Then, they planned to organize an International Students’ Day inclusive of the activities to be undertaken. Furthermore, the Dean of Students addressed them and listened to their grievances regarding their stay at the university.

A memo by Francisca Maloba,International Students Representative regarding the meeting.

6. School of Survey and Spatial Science held the first Survey training on Total Station from 26/01/2023-28/01/2023.

The School of Survey and Spatial Sciences in conjunction with professionals from Samtech Technologies held a three-day Survey training for students. It was on how to set up a Total Station, how to collect data from it, and how to work with the data. The event was made possible by the two hardworking School Representatives; Collins Cheruiyot and Regina Musembi. Moreover, some students from the School of Construction and Property Studies were in attendance.

Students from school of Survey and Spatial Sciences together with those ones from School of Construction and Property Studies during training.

7. School of Mathematics and Acturial Science Scheduled Visit to Living Children’s Home.

On 25/01/2023, school representatives of the School of Mathematics and Actuarial Science; Maurice Cornel and Leila Abdalla, officially unveiled their first school event: a visit to Living Children’s Home at Zimmerman on 25/02/2023. They called upon everyone to donate whatever they were willing to. If you would like to contribute, reach out to Victoria Muiruri, the treasurer, on 0110180186.

A poster on the visit to Children’s home, organised by the school of Maths and Acturial Science.

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Philanthropy Visit to Better Living Children’s Home Zimmerman on 25/02/2023 Organised by S.M.A.S.

On 25th February 2023, the School of Mathematics and Actuarial Science (S.M.A.S) will be paying a munificent visit to Better Living Children’s Home in Zimmerman. The theme for this charity visit is fished from one of the remarkable aphorisms of Mohammed Ali:

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earthMohammed Ali.

Philanthropy Visit to Better Living Children’s Home Zimmerman on 25/02/2023- as the purse is emptied, the heart is filled- Victor Hugo.

All and sundry are invited to grace this momentous day. Meanwhile, you can channel your donations easily varying from foodstuffs, and clothes to stationery and sanitary pads via the treasurer; Victoria Muiruri, on 0110180186.

Moreover, assorted activities will be conducted to illuminate the smiles of the youngsters. There shall be cooking, a session for showcasing talents, and finally engaging in trivia questions. You can reach out to the duo (Representatives of S.M.A.S): Maurice Cornel at 01100132227 or Leila Abdalla at 0715757216 for more information.

To conclude,

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing dropMother Teresa

Photo of Mother Teresa, the venerated philanthropist.

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Lucky Jonnes also known as Mbuzi wa Migori briefly Opens up about himself.

We recently held a lengthy talk with one of the most comical students at the Technical University of Kenya. His fulfillment is profoundly entrenched in spreading happiness by cracking jokes. Indeed, humor is a robust shield from depression and a fortress against discomfort. Here is our conversation with Lucky Jonnes/ Mbuzi wa Migori:

Lucky Jones, popularly known as Mbuzi wa Migori at the Technical University of Kenya.

Briefly describe yourself: (smiles) My name is Lucky Jonnes Ologi, widely known as Mbuzi wa Migori. I am 21 years old and I like jesting, cooking sumptuous meals, and exercising kindness.

What course are you currently pursuing at the University: I’m a second-year Journalism and Media student.

Who is your mentor: I frankly admire my dad. In fact, he is a Bishop.

Lucky Jonnes enjoying the serene environment.

If you were to change one thing about TU-K, what would it be: There are various things I would love to mention but I will cite the essentials: earlier release of results and mode of conduction of learning.

What’s your favorite meal at the student center: (laughs) Ugali mlima. Ni ugali iko na nyama kubwakubwa.

Final word to the students: Firstly, be proud of TU-K. Secondly, ensure you are accountable for every minute that you spend here. Finally, do what brought you to school.

Lucky Jonnes at school.

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Sorrow Hovers in Technical University of Kenya again as Elizabeth Mwangi, one of the student, loses her Life.

The Technical University of Kenya is mourning the sudden demise of another comrade less than one month after it lost its other gallant soldier. On 24th of December 2022, we lost Daisy Barongo, a graduate of the School of Architecture and Spatial Planning through a road accident.

Daisy Barongo, a TU-K graduate who passed on last year on 24th December 2022.

On 11/1/2023, Elizabeth Mwangi, a comrade in TU-K, from the School of Biological and Life Sciences passed on. She truly had a promising bright future ahead. Votive candles silently reverberate, “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal.

She had been ill for quite a while. Accordingly, she was admitted to Kenya National Hospital for specialized treatment. Unfortunately, she succumbed to the ailment. She will be remembered as a jovial and hardworking lady. Since her tragic demise, elegiac messages have been sent by various students to mourn her.

Elizabeth Mwangi, the deceased from S.B.L.S.

The Congressman of S.B.L.S, Stephen Macharia, had the following to say, “May the Almighty Lord continue resting her soul in eternal peace. Elizabeth was a light in this world. Now we need to continue shining her light by carrying it within us; in our own lives.” Verily, death is invariably unpredictable. Rest in peace Elizabeth Mwangi.

Macharia, S.B.L .S school representative condolence message.

Mixed Reaction to Opening Date of Institutions Countrywide by Different Calibres of Students.

Air gyrates in hushed whispers as the school slowly roars back to life. Transitioning from the cool ambiance at home to the webs of hardship in school is one of the most discomforting feelings for students. With the scrapping of the Higher Loans Education Board, there is nothing much to look forward to. Today, we highlight the different reactions of the caliber of students to the opening dates of the institution:

A rare of picture choosing to enter the crocodile’s mouth than attending the first week of school opening.

1. The Legends of ‘Kuinama’.

Currently, they neither have the urge nor the willpower of returning to school in time. They are presently dwelling in the paradise they so longed for. A land, not only of overflowing milk and honey but also of limitless pumpkins, sugarcanes, maize, etc. The earliest they will report to school is in February alongside tons of harvests from the farm.

A rare photo of some commodities comrades come with from home.

2. The Campus Couple.

They are desperately awaiting to renew their vows and promises that were vilely muttered under ecstasy. The seeds of love are withering with time due to factors like poor network and attacks from neighboring communities. They wait to rekindle their love through cladding in matching T-shirts and by engaging in their YouTube Channel skits.

Photo Courtesy of Campus life in Kenya-FB, of a couple.

3. Class Representatives.

They are the engines of education. Accordingly, they reported to school during the first week of reopening due to the nature of jobs. They have been signing nominal roll, sending tons of Whatsapp messages to woo students back to school, and making a follow-up with lecturers to commence lectures in advance.

Meme detecting class rep’s attendance for lectures.

4. The Fashionistas.

These are the trendsetters in school. They brighten school with their aura and outstanding sense of fashion. The passion with which they coalesce style with learning mesmerizes everyone. Their creativity speaks volumes. They are an asset to be highly guarded. They may report to school during the second week of learning.

Instagram influencer.

5. The “Choppies”.

Libraries have always been their favorite chilling spot. They can’t wait to express their admiration for books, ask numerous questions to professors and explain the hard concepts to their course mates. Their thirst for education is only quenched from the onset of the reopening of schools.

M.K.U Library.

List of Graduates who have left Memorable Footprints in the Hearts of Many during the 11th Graduation Ceremony in TU-K 2022.

The undaunted graduates at the Technical University of Kenya heartily congregated at the TU-K Graduation Square for the 11th Annual Graduation tradition. The magnet of education had attracted exemplary students and ignited a universal spark and flame of preeminence. They stood tall as the Himalayas while cladding adorable attire.

Elated graduates being conferred the power to read and do to what pertains to their Certificate/Diploma/Degree.

From the rustling of their gaudy graduation gowns to the squeaking of their sleek shoes on the floor, to the pattering of the footsteps of guests, and ultimately to the slouching of their shoulders. These movements boldly accentuated one theme- euphoria. Cameras flickered everywhere as the photographer(s) endeavored to capture the finest moments. We held a brief conversation with some of the graduates. Here is what they had to say:

TU-K Graduates sitting calmly as they follow the proceedings of the ceremony.

1. Reagan Mutimba: BSC Degree in Medical Laboratory Science-Former Speaker of Congress 2020/2021 and Winner of the Vice-Chancellor’s Award-the Most Outstanding Student 2020/2021.

He describes this occasion as momentous. He declares, “I have made a vast network of companions, and gained innumerable leadership skills. I administered as a Class Representative then later served simultaneously as the Congressman and as the Speaker of the Congress.”

Reagan Mutimba, former Speaker of Congress 2020/2021.

He insists that God has been his captain throughout this voyage. He states, “I step out into the job market with my head held high- full of exuberance and determination -knowing that satisfactory prospects and opportunities lie ahead.” Additionally, he advises learners to keep striving for advancement in their academic life.

Reagan Mutimba posing for a photo as he awaits the graduation ceremony.

2. Paula Atieno: Diploma in Technology-Events and Convention Management and Former Class Representative.

She joined the institution on the 20th of August 2018. She profoundly talks about the challenges she has encountered during her course of study. Her major ones are the COVID-19 Pandemic and the hurdles of getting attachment opportunities. On the flip side, she argues that life without challenges must be boring.

Paula Atieno graciously posing for a photo as she awaits the graduation ceremony.

Furthermore, she gives her vote of thanks to the following: her parents, lecturers, and friends Zainab, Susan, and Mike. She further recognizes the pivotal role her mentor, Millicent Naserian, has played in her life. She states, “Millicent has made a tremendous impact on my life. One of the things I’ve learned from her is to believe in myself. To those of you waiting to graduate, I’d urge you not to relent.”

Millicent Naiserian, the Mentor to Paula.

3. Paul Wachira: Bsc Information Science-Library science & information studies). Former Aspirant for the Seat of Academic Secrerary 2021/2022.

He is from the School of Information and Social Sciences. He emphasizes that triumph feels better when you’ve been consistently striving. He sums up that the recipe for success in life is involving God every step of the way. He summarises with gratitude, “Thank you family, friends, and comrades for the assistance. I wish to extend my gratitude to my lecturers for bringing the best out in me. I affirm we were trained for the real world.”

Paul Wachira graduating with a Bachelor of Degree in Information Science (Library science & information studies).

4. Gideon Bota Nyambane: Bachelor of Degree in Urban Planning and Development. Former Congressman School of Architecture and Spatial Planning and Sergeant at Arms of Congress 2020/2021.

Gideon Bota is gladdened by this occasion. In fact, he highly speaks on how he has been acquainted with how to polish his artistic talent to a professional urban designer level during his stay at the institute. Moreover, he is appreciative of being bestowed the opportunity to serve comrades diligently in the political arena.

Gideon Bota posing for a photo as he awaits the graduation ceremony.

He concedes that the journey has not been easy due to spending long hours on coursework. However, he admits that God has made the terrain bearable. He aspires to have a chance to put all the knacks and skills that he has obtained for the betterment of urban areas. He cautions, “You may feel lost in the maze of your education. Nonetheless, cement your faith as you work hard. It will pay off in due time. Furthermore, cherish your classmates to attain your intents.”

Gideon Bota.

Other Phenomenal Graduates who were crowned today:

  • Clinton Mariera- Former Secretary General SATUK 2020/2021.
  • Wendy Brooke- Former Mayoress of Ladies’ Hostels 2020/2021.
  • Benson Manuko- Former Congresman SMAS 2020/2021 and former Aspirant for Secretary General Position 2021/2022.
  • Millicent Naserian- Former Deputy Speaker SATUK 2020/2021 and Congress lady SHHE.
From top left to right; Clinton Mariera, Millicent Naserian, Benson Manuko and Wendy Brooke.

Below is the graduation booklet with the full information on the other students who graduated on 21/12/2022. Feel free to contact us via our email: or give us a call on +254769409546.