A Recap of the Episodes that Coloured the last week of September 2022.

Sometimes in the face of disenchantment and fear, it’s not hope that inspires action but action that inspires hope (Michael Xavier). While comrades experienced a cocktail of emotions about how this week would unfold, the sweet turn of events gave them all the reason to marvel. It will go down in the history of T.U.KContinue reading “A Recap of the Episodes that Coloured the last week of September 2022.”

H.E.L.B: Commonly Asked Questions regarding Higher Education Loans Board.

We have compiled a set of frequently asked questions and their responses on matters pertaining to H.E.L.B. Feel free to drop any other query in our comment section. When is the deadline for HELB application 2022: 30th November 2022. What are the requirements for applying for a loan: You need the following copies:the Applicant’s nationalContinue reading “H.E.L.B: Commonly Asked Questions regarding Higher Education Loans Board.”

Mayor’s Dinner: Exotic, Epic and Enticing.

“Sherehe sheria,” is the maxim that best summarizes the activities that took place on 17/09/2022 at the T.U.K South B Male Hostel. It was a terrific day organized by the Mayor, Meshack Ndanyi. The residents thronged the premises to heartily commemorate the enviable spirit of brotherhood as they fostered the golden fabric of unity throughContinue reading “Mayor’s Dinner: Exotic, Epic and Enticing.”

Neomi Wamboi: the agile Environmentalist and passionate Philanthropist.

During the hustle and bustle of schooling, I bump into Neomi Wamboi; the philanthropic lady with an imperial countenance. She is a girl on a mission to immaculately leave dents of the goodness of humanity in the hearts of many. She is also big on matters of the environment. Her wish is to have anContinue reading “Neomi Wamboi: the agile Environmentalist and passionate Philanthropist.”

Deputy President: Factors to Consider when Choosing a Deputy President.

As T.U.K presidential aspirants prepare to contest for the top seat in October, it is fundamental that they select an equally capable running mate. Qualities shouldn’t be narrowed down to beauty and fame only. Rather, by the degree of passion for serving others. Leadership is truly a calling. A calling to serve everyone with equity.Continue reading “Deputy President: Factors to Consider when Choosing a Deputy President.”

Summary on Comrades’ Kamukunji held on 9/09/2022.

Comrades came heavily laden with a myriad of problems to air them out during Friday’s Kamukunji. Only Rachel Cheptoo, Deputy President, was absent among the S.A.T.U.K Executive. Betty (Mayoress), Cecilia (SMME), Keshy (SCMS), Clinton (SISS), Calvin(SBHS), Kaisali(SBMS), Joy (SASP), Lucas (SMME), Morris (SCPS), Jeane (SCRE), Godwin (SSSS), Meshack (Mayor), Aaron (SMAS), Shampi(SISS), Joshua(SCIT), Lina (SHHE),Continue reading “Summary on Comrades’ Kamukunji held on 9/09/2022.”

Cynthia Awino: The Pearl of Technical University of Kenya.

She is currently the pearl and pride of the Technical University of Kenya. She is a talented Chess Player who has achieved a lot. In the game of beauty and brains, she is the ultimate winner. She belongs to the upper echelon of aggressive and passionate young people. Here, is our interview with this classicContinue reading “Cynthia Awino: The Pearl of Technical University of Kenya.”

Top 3 Phenomenal Ladies making Impact in the Technical University of Kenya.

They are referred to as the intellectual powerhouses. Just like the proverbial Phoenix, these ladies are constantly rising to take the coveted places in society. They possess colossal resilience, a paragon of elegance and the prodigy of values. You can say they are products of grace since they are well refined. They apply vast wisdomContinue reading “Top 3 Phenomenal Ladies making Impact in the Technical University of Kenya.”

A Dreadful Journey with a Stubborn ‘Kienyejy’.

When you ask people to recount their horrible experiences in life, many will talk of heart breaks. My recent harrowing experience transformed me from a meek Mary into an irate Maria in a jiffy. Lady luck seemed to have had a personal vendetta with me. Something was just not right with my seatmate. Was itContinue reading “A Dreadful Journey with a Stubborn ‘Kienyejy’.”

Clarion Call for Peaceful Election 2022.

Alexander the Great wanted to conquer the world, Elon Musk yearns to take a cluster of people to Mars, Muller wanted to build a team that no one could beat while Kenyans of goodwill, desperately crave harmony. Peace is an invaluable currency. It is indispensable that we all be envoys of peace during this periodContinue reading “Clarion Call for Peaceful Election 2022.”

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