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Current members of Congress, mayor and mayoress 2021/2022 in the Technical University of Kenya.

The current cohort of second years in the Technical University of Kenya have all the reasons in the world to rejoice and be glad. Their already smitten faces can’t seem to hide their joy.

Do you know why? This is because majority of the newly elected congressmen and congresswomen are from their year so is the current school president and vice president. If we said that the second years have potential, then we would be blatantly lying. This is because what they have is more than potential. What they possess has no name but can only be compared to wine, which gets finer with age.

Morris Bundi is actually one of the happiest man alive as we speak. This is after he became the congressman for the school of Construction and Property Studies. This is in fact the first time in six years that the department of Building Construction and Technology has produced a congressman.Not just any other congressman, but a guy with great potential. He is a living testimony that everything is possible. An inspiring tale which will live to be foretold to the future generations.

Another outstanding congressman in the current student union is none other than Faithfulness Joshua. His is a story of victory and constant hardwork. He won the elections of his school with more than 90% of the votes. His kindness and ability to engage with people with tenderness is one of his unique qualities. It’s to be remembered that he also won SATUK awards 2021/2022 as the most influential student. Currently, he is the congressman for the school of Computing and Information Technology.

Mecha is the newly elected congressman for the school of Business and Management Studies. He was also among the awesome debate panelists who organized the amazing debates involving various aspirants vying for the executive positions. Hence, giving the comrades an exposure and insight to their would be leaders. Actually, his school is more than blessed to have such a focused guy as their leader.

The beautiful petals of T.U.K Women’s Hostel are a happy lot after the win of the kind-hearted Betty Jelagat as their new mayoress. Betty is the current Secretary General of Koibatek Students’ Association ( KOUSA). Her win is something that signifies new beginnings to the whole women hostel. Apart from her warm smile, she also has the mind that is sharp as a razor. This was clearly portrayed during her campaign period as her manifestos were top notch and clearly outlined.

Meshack Ndanyi, popularly referred to as Rash, is the new mayor of T.U.K Men’s Hostel. He went unopposed after his would be competitors decided to opt out of the race once they discovered he would be on the ballot. They realized that Arsenal had a higher chance of winning the Premier league this season than them winning the said seat. He envisions creating a more serene environment for his residents and also uplift the lives of those he serve.

The male school representative for the school of Information and Social Studies is none other than Clinton Adoga alias Ambassador De Clinch. He is an amazing student leader with great visions. His way of walking just spells one word, success. Political analysts have actually predicted that his reign will be nothing short of marvelous.

Shampi Anna is the current Speaker of the congress. She is the first lady to hold this highly regarded position in this institution. The School of Information and Social Studies boasts of having this iron lady as their congress lady. Her ability to blend in with people in the institution irregardless of their social status is something commendable. She is lovable and was actually endorsed by the fellow students as the speaker even before the congress had hold elections.

The Deputy Speaker is none other than Aaron Bundi. He is the Congressman of the school of Mathematics and Actuarial Science. His name is widely known. He is focused. He is apt and believes in servant leadership.

You don’t have to believe in magic to know when you have encountered something magical. So goes the case of the newly elected Sergeant at Arms of the congress. He goes by the name Agere Sigunga. He is a popular figure in the said institution and he is loved by all. He is also vocal and loves humor. He is the newly elected school representative in the school of Hospitality and Human Ecology.

Finally, Doris Serem is the clerk of the congress. She is a great leader and her fellow students from her school can’t keep mum of speaking so highly of her. She is the school representative for the school of Survey and Spatial Science. It’s with no doubt she’s going to be the best clerk the congress has ever had.

Other newly elected school representatives are none other than Joy Natasha( SCPS), Mercy Kaisali (SBMS ), Tony Onyango ( SEEE), Lydia Nduta ( SCBSE), Nabangi Wanyonyi (SASP) and many others. To conclude, it’s crystal clear that the wonderful students of T.U.K did choose great leaders who are not only capable but possess amazing traits that can only be envied. Long live the Technical University of Kenya!

Newly elected SATUK officials 2021/2022 who defied the odds and rose above the Storm to win the elections.

The saying,”Change is inevitable” has finally found a new home in the heart of the Technical University of Kenya. Once again, this marvelous institution was able to conduct harmonious student elections on the 1st and 2nd of September 2021 and successfully came up with newly elected student leaders of their choice.

On 1st September, students came to exercise their democratic rights as they elected the male and female delegates in their respective departments as well as their school representatives. The following day, the newly elected delegates, voted in the leaders who formed part of the executive student union.

Peter Mani Mwangangi and Rachel Cheptoo (both second year students), are the new chairperson and vice chairperson respectively. Their victory was nothing short of amazing as the whole school was in a celebratory mood with his number one fans proudly cladded in his branded blue capes, that read, Mani the 005.

The security council officials were also not left behind as they started dancing ‘nyatiti’ in the school compound. “It is a rebirth of the spirit of democracy and a living testimony that nothing is impossible,” so said one of the official.

It’s worth noting that it also took collective support from some great people for the success of Mani’s and Rachel’s presidency. One outstanding and former congress lady, Jepchumba Macrina, has always been on the forefront campaigning for the duo. Her vigor and stamina truly worked as charm as the crowd fell in love with each and every word she spoke.

Other amazing people who contributed to Mani’s success are none other than Reagan Mutimba (former speaker of the SATUK and former congressman ), Benson Manuko(former secretary general aspirant and former congressman), Faith Masoso,(former Vice-chairperson), Were Were (former presidential aspirant), and famously known for his slogan of “Hakuna mkate ngumu mbele ya chai,” Otiato Kabeta alias Field Negro, Musa Aziz, Mtu wa Stima among many others . They all in one accord, declared their support for the duo and had endless speeches with the delegates to rally them vote for the newly elected president and his chairperson.

The Academic Secretary position, as expected, was won by none other than Fredrick Barasa Oundo. He is referred to as the engine of revolution and the sweetheart of the Technical University of Kenya. The halls of T.U.K are flooded with the immense love that people hold for him. Anyways, who wouldn’t love a simple, humble, approachable and ambitious leader? He is the most popular student leader in the current council. The total votes casted for him was 94%.

There are speculations that the spoilt vote that occurred was actually not a spoilt vote, but Barasa’s vote. The voter, apparently, out of his immense love for Barasa, instead of giving him just one tick on the voting card, actually decided to give him ten ticks to signify the ten qualities Barasa holds. Speak of loyalty! His win was a fulfilment of a prophecy, as foretold by the ancient prophet.

The new Secretary General is none other than Boniface Muema Harrison. He actually possesses the aura of success and always wears a very bright smile on his face. His smile, so is said, is infectious and as a result spreads happiness to the first person who sees it.

He went unopposed, and the comrades couldn’t hide their joy as they had already been in celebration for the past two weeks before the onset of the elections. He had great manifestos and as a result the whole institution can’t wait for them to be implemented.

The current finance secretary is none other than Muchoki Denis Kirera. He is currently nicknamed as “M-pesa.” He is the first male to hold this highly coveted position. Being a former finance officer in UNESC organization and a part-time student of Finance and Economics in the University of London, it’s with no doubt he is set to bring wonderful if not remarkable changes to the said university.

His win was a win for everyone as he is a kind, knowledgeable, liberal and possesses an amazing personality. The gorgeous, amazing lady and former Finance aspirant, Barnice Chege, actually also contributed to his success following her endorsement on Muchoki as the finance secretary. Thanks to her, the ‘lost sheep’ who had been scattered finally found a wonderful shepherd.

The office of the Gender and Social Welfare has found it’s new chairperson, who is none other than the beautiful and ambitious lady, Mercy Kimani. Her win was already predicted. She was in touch with the students long before the elections even kick-started. Both Vivian Ndunge and Mercy Kimani held rigorous campaigns day and night while their other competitors just sat down and waited to pass the elections via osmosis.

Yuvenalis Pablo Ogeto, is the newly elected Secretary for the docket of Sports and Culture. This docket faced a lot of stiff competition as each of the competitor tried so hard to outshine the other. Fortunately enough, lady luck had chosen to visit Yuvenalis that day.

Moreover, he conducted extensive campaigns and was always holding talks with various delegates about his manifestos and aspirations. Its also worth noting that the endorsement he received from the former sports aspirant and current Blogger of the year, Nyakwar, also strengthened his win.

To the newly elected student leaders, the comrades wish you nothing but the best in this journey. It’s the hope of the fraternity of T.U.K that the leaders will fulfill their manifestos and diligently carry out their duties with no fear or favor. The newly elected mayor, mayoress and also the newly elected members of the congres will be fully highlighted in our next article. Stay tuned!

Edited by Nyakwar Otare, Siama, Dexter, Kijana ya Tuk and Gakure.

Elections being held as the comrades wait in bated breath to find out the results.


The SATUK Debate Club once more held a very magnificent, tantalizing, creme de la creme academic debate which left the crowd begging for more. Just like cocaine, the large gathering had already gotten addicted to this spirit.

Comrades had really anticipated this debate and as expected, the panelists conducted a splendid one which engraved sweet memories in the hearts of everybody. It would be an understatement to say the event was great.

The turnout by comrades was nothing short of incredible as it doubled the attendance of finance debate. This debate was once again held in the Lecture Theatre on 24th of August 2021 in the Technical University of Kenya. The panelists who carried out this debate include Mike Malala( the main coordinator), Joe Kyallo, Mecha, Adah Tanui and Lisa Maina(Journalist).

The eagerness of the crowd to participate in the debate was equally matched to the preparedness of the academic aspirants to give a piece of their mind on matters to do with academics as well as to use the platform as a way of wooing the crowd to consider them for the position.

The aspirants who attended this debate include Barasa Oundo, Paul Wachira and Alex Murabu. They all came well prepared and were looking forward to getting in touch with the mammoth. They were each given an equal platform to launch their manifestos.

Alex’s agenda included equality in allocation of bursaries, student involvement in repair of items destroyed through workshop and also ensuring the lecturers also attained their 75% attendance for smooth learning.

Barasa’s listed his manifestos which consisted of the class representatives payment in advance or at departmental level for easier access, the commemoration of classreps day, the release of results and creation of a welfare society to aid in helping of comrades in case of bereavement.

The audience, just like last time, was active and participated in addressing issues to the aspirants. Amos, Abuya, Valerie and Mutai are some of those people who asked questions to the aspirants. The debate was both serious affair yet comical in equal measure.

The outgoing academic secretary, Tryphone Oloo, was also present. He aired on the issue of biasness in allocation of bursaries. He said since the application for bursaries is conducted online, the online system is the one which awards marks automatically and allocates the bursaries. Therefore, rubbishing the claims that the process of awarding is biased.

Nevertheless, he said that if a certain group of people made many applications, then they stood a lot of chance of getting awarded on the same. This debate for sure was really enlightening.

We have to once again applaud these industrious panelists for job well done. Thanks to everyone who graced this beautiful occasion and to our amazing aspirants, thank you for sparing your time to come and interact with the audience. We are truly grateful to each and everyone of you. All the best in the incoming elections.

SATUK Academic Debate 2021 held in the Lecture Theatre.
The Academic Aspirants who participated in the Academics Debate 2021. From left to right, we have Alex Murabu, followed by Fredrick Barasa and lastly we have Paul Wachira.

MAXWEL OMINA: Our modern day Shakespeare and incoming congressman of SCPS 2021/2022.

If the saying ” Give to Caesar, what belongs to Caesar” is anything to go by, then we would be committing the greatest sin against humanity if we fail to elect one Maxwel Omina into power. Never in our entire life have we ever had the honor and pleasure of interacting with such a vibrant, go-getter and ambitious soul before.

Maxwel Omina has declared his interest to contest for the seat of Congressman in the school of Construction and Properties Studies. He is a third year in the Technical University of Kenya undertaking Construction Management.

Do you know that Maxwel Omina is the current captain of the Technical University of Kenya males’ football team? His zeal of being a leader is like a huge bonfire that can’t be put off. Instead,it keeps on getting bigger and better. He has this deep conviction that he is the right hand man for this job.

It’s his greatest wish to steer his school to the right direction. One breathtaking thing about this gentleman it’s his deep passion of family values. He expresses his wish in creating a community in three major ways. First and foremost, between students, secondly between students and administration and later on among the whole fraternity of our university.

He actually confesses that leadership to him is innate. In class seven, he was made the cabinet secretary for the English Department. Thanks to him, his school principal could now show off his teeth and boast in broad daylight of his fluency in English.

In his final year in primary school, he was given the mantle of the deputy president. He did a great job in running this task. He was as a result given the name “Shakespeare.”When we called him Shakespeare and asked him what his parting shot was, he let out a witty laughter and said, “I hope everyone will always remember that there are the best there was, there is and there will ever be.”

Photo Courtesy of Maxwel Omina, current captain of male’s football team and the incoming congressman of School of Construction and Properties Study (SCPS).

Barasa Oundo: The Tsunami of Change, Comrades Darling and incoming Academics Secretary of SATUK 2021/2022.

His name is not new in the streets of the Technical University of Kenya. The school’s corridors echo his name, students sing songs of jubilation for him, the lecturers address him as Rabbi while other aspirants vying for different seats campaign for him tirelessly day in day out.

The only task at hand is him occupying the academic seat come 3rd of September 2021. Fredrick Barasa is his name. He is the current School Rep of the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This time round, he is eyeing for the seat of Academic Secretary.

He studied in Maranda Highschool where he served as the overall Games Captain and was also made the Secretary General in his final year after a public outcry by the students to crown him as their school principal.

” He is the oasis of our hope, our light at the end of the tunnel, a force to wreckon with,” That’s how one of his coursemate describes him. Barasa, during his reign as the school representative, brought many commendable changes to his school. He will be fondly remembered for helping his school bag the most coveted award of the year, ‘the best School of the year’ during this year’s SATUK’s award 2021.

When we meet Barasa, we are completely baffled by his humility. A virture so rare. He crosses his legs and addresses us in the most coordial manner. His presence is highly felt by the ecosystem as everything gets quiet as Barasa oozes words of wisdom inherited from his great forefathers.

He describes himself as a man of few words. His achievements are tremendous though he believes there is a lot to work on. He has this beautiful vision that he wishes to actualize if elected. Apart from the proper allocation of bursaries, he also has these other unique ideas that his fellow academic aspirants have not thought of before .

They include the awarding of certificates to the class representatives after completion of service, integration of a day to commemorate the great work done by class representatives among many others.

One of his opponents who sought anonymity actually disclosed that they are just vying for formalities since the victory already belongs to Barasa. He said that Barasa is a tsunami of change. They feel the future of TUK heavily relys on him. Who are we to oppose? With power bestowed upon us by the school body, we officially unveil to you your incoming Academic Secretary, his Excellency, Fredrick Barasa Oundo.

Photo courtesy of Barasa Oundo, the incoming Academic Secretary 2021/2022.


Students of the Technical University of Kenya were treated to a mega event of the year dubbed as the ‘Finance Debate 2021’. This event was held in the Lecture Theatre where finance aspirants dived in just in time to showcase their prowess in finance matters and answering questions addressed to them not forgetting to rally for support from comrades.

This marvelous occasion was chaired by an awesome five team bench that comprised of Mike Malala, Mecha, Ada and Lisa Maina. Mike was the main coordinator of the debate. Mecha is the current chair of finance club while Ada is a student of journalism. This team conducted the debate with so much professionalism.

The following are the finance aspirants who attended the much awaited debate : Esther Kateken, Muchoki Kirera, Lynn Chepcheng and Kevin Menge.They came fully prepared to air out their views and interact on a personal level with the audience.

One aspirant who blew the minds of the audience away was one wonderful lady by the name Esther Kateken. Contrary to what people expected, she was able to showcase her wide knowledge in this field of finance. Her confidence and ability to indulge with the audience definitely left everyone in a frenzy mood.

Muchoki, as expected, overdelivered and actually hammered various points as to why he is best fitted for this seat, giving satisfactory answers that left the audience amazed by his wisdom. Menge,however, was not able to satisfy the audience fully but gave his best shot.

Lynn was the most interrogated by the audience. Being the outgoing finance chair, the audience had a lot of questions for her. She was grilled. Some of her answers were satisfactory while others were just debatable and not convincing enough.

The audience did a great job in engaging with the aspirants and the curiosity in them could truly kill a cat. Their thirst to know more information about the aspirants was finally quenched. Aspiring delegates like Papu, Face of Delegates, Kiama and Mtu wa Stima also attended, just to mention a few.

In attendance, was also Peter Mburu, former presidential aspirant. He expressed his disappointments and frustrations in which the election campaigns were being held and alleged there was some victimization of some aspirants by the current regime of SATUK.

In summary, the event was successful and educative. A lot of gratitude to the delegates and students in general for setting aside their time to come listen to the great minds of the aspirants. To all aspirants who attended,we say hongera sana. You all did a wonderful job. To the coordinators of the debate, thanks for bringing such an amazing and lively event to our university. We look forward to expecting other wonderful things from you.

Paul Wachira: An Academic Mogul and Academic Secretary aspirant in SATUK Elections 2021/2022.

It’s on a busy Monday morning we come across this guy, Paul Wachira. He is busy scribbling something. We are late for the interview, we apologize. “No problem,” he says. He takes our orders and we start the interview. He is full of charisma and hopeful to change the world of academics if elected.His eyes beam with joy when he sees us.

Many ask who Paul Wachira is. He is a university student pursuing Information Science in the Technical University of Kenya. When we enquire why he is going for this seat,he actually asks us do u know the roles of an Academic Secretary? We mumble some few sentences here and there hoping it’s correct.We contact Dr.Google so that he can come to our rescue.

Wachira laughs and breaks down to us the position and roles of an academic secretary. He seems to be well acquainted in this field. His rich knowledge in this field amazes us. Why did you go for this position? We ask. He says he has always yearned to serve his comrades and always been fascinated about changing the academic set- up because this is where a lot of students face a lot of challenges.

He lists the challenges starting with deferment policy, missing marks,failure of accrediting of courses by Engineering Board of Kenya, misallocation of bursaries and among others.The above listed here he refers to them as the big four Agenda. Drawing his inspiration from Mwai Kibaki, he promises to revive these sectors as they are his areas of domain.

What if you don’t achieve your goals?We ask. He replies that none of his agendas are not achievable. He actually says these challenges were supposed to have been tackled by the previous regimes in the past years but people slept on their job. His diary is well documented with his agendas and how he plans to fulfill them. To him, going for this seat seems like a calling and just like Moses, he has accepted the calling and is ready to serve comrades diligently.

As we carry on with the interview, two little children dash in accompanied by a neatly young dressed lady. She mumbles her greetings and calls Paul Wachira aside. She hands him over a list of the students. Apparently,Paul, thanks to his good rapport with various stakeholders, has been trying to assist in payment of school fees for some few students in primary school. The bright smiles planted on the children’s face are a true reflection of how powerful education is. Thanks to him,the children will have a better future.

Paul talks to us in length of how he dreams of a better university. He actually acknowledges the work done by the previous regime but insists a lot can be done if only he gets the chance. He asks us to accompany him to the school library. We are surprised but just like the sheep,we meekly follow our shepherd. As we enter the library,he points at the seats in the library. The library is packed to maximum yet we left some students outside who couldn’t access the library.

You see? He points out. Education is a basic need yet some students don’t have access to it. This library problem may seem minimal but has greater effects on the long run to the students. What’s the solution master, we ask? He fishes out again his notebook which has a breakdown of the various issues amends he hopes to make. A strategic planner he is.

Our time is running late. We have conducted the interview in three hours. We leave fully satisfied we have conducted it and at least learnt something new about the academic world. Paul bids us goodbye as he hurries to address a gathering of comrades on matters to do with academics. In summary, when asked who Paul is, then reply, he is a philanthropist,great planner,selfless leader, an academic mogul and the incoming academic secretary. Isn’t he?

Edited by Nyakwar Otare, Siama, Dexter and Kijana ya Tuk.

Satuk election 2021 sends shivers across the Technical University of Kenya as candidates engage in battle for supremacy.

The Technical University of Kenya will be ushering in a new regime on the second of September,2021.Some aspirants have brilliant ideas while some have shallow or rather unrealistic goals which can be likened to overcooked cabbage,no taste.

Elections are very vital in any social set-up as they give the people a chance to elect their preferred candidates into power.They also serve as forums for the discussion of public issues and facilitate the expression of public opinion.

The current executive chairperson is Cliff Oketch Onyango while the vice chairperson is Faith Masoso.Their seats have attracted various aspirants among them one iron lady by the name Marina Cheboi.Other candidates include Lewis Nyabola,Peter Mani,Were Fred,Peter Mburu, Reagan Mutimba and many others.

Clinton Mariera is the current secretary general.Whoever will be occupying this seat will have a lot of work to do as Clinton leaves a very marvelous legacy.He has always been on the forefront to champion for students rights and has never relented or given up .

In as much we may want him to continue spearheading the secretary general position , we realize that even the best dancer on the stage must retire sometime.Boniface Harrison,Nana and Benson Manuko have expressed interest in succeeding him.

The current academic secretary is Tryphone Oloo.He is such a great leader with massive supporters.His regime has been a peaceful one marred with less to none dramas.Current aspirants who would love to occupy his seat include Barasa Oundo,Paul Wachira,Alex Murabu and many others.

Chepcheng Lynn Bet is the current finance secretary. Each and every candidate seems to be qualified and they all seem to have the interests of comrades at heart.This docket has attracted the likes of Muchoki Kireira,Barnice Chege,Linet Chebet,Esther Kateken and Annie Muthoni.

Last but not least,we have the docket of gender and social welfare.The current holder of this seat is none other than Brenda Owiny.She is set to be succeeded by aspirants such as Mercy Kimani and many others.Kimani is the only serious aspirant in this seat.The other aspirants it’s like they have given up already or they have zero clue that they are even contesting for this seat in the first place.

Finally,we have the sports and entertainment docket which is currently occupied by Kotieno.In his regime,most will fondly remember him for at least holding a concert and inviting Mejja, popularly known as Okonkwo,to perform. Nyakwar Otare,Yuvenalis Pablo,Kaka,Reagan Wanyama and many others intend to occupy this seat.

As we all await to usher in the new Satuk,we wish each and every aspirants success in their campaigns.We also urge the delegates to vote in competent leaders who have the interests of comrades at heart.As for the remaining comrades,take care and sanitize.To the current regime,hongera sana for your tireless efforts even in the face of pandemic.

Technical University of Kenya Marks 9th Graduation Ceremony amid changed academic calendar due to COVID-19.

Finally, the Technical University of Kenya’s graduating class of 2021 graduated on Friday 30th July.

Known to produce fresh and job industry ready graduands, The Technical University of Kenya boasts of a wide range of amenities and facilities that make studying conducive and an experience graduates will always remember.

Being the only major Kenyan university sitting at the heart of Nairobi’s CBD, the academic hub of higher and advanced learning is just a stone-throw away from some of the city’s recognizable landmarks eg the KICC, the August 8th Bomb blast Memorial Park and Kenya Co-op Bank headquarters, the Central Bank of Kenya just to mention a few.

Friday marked an important day in the institutions and graduands’ academic calendar as the institutions marked its 9th ceremony since its charter issuance.
The eager and excited graduands, wore their shining regalia and graduation gowns with the most beautiful smiles that could only leave popstar Rihanna envious and patiently watched the virtual ceremony go down.

It was all frenzy as they finally were given the power to read and write all that pertains to their degrees, diplomas and certificates.

The mood in TUK was euphoric as they finally marked their last milestone in school.This very indispensable event was graced by the Chief administrative Secretary Ms Mumina Bonaya,the Vice Chancellor, Professor Francis Oduol and the pro-chancellor and acting Chancellor Dr.Halima Saado.

Many graduates flocked in photoshoot studios to capture their best moments. Former Student Union President Paul Karanja was among those graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering.

He not only left with a degree,but also left with a vast experience in student leadership which he aspires to use and change the society in future.

Edwin Nganyi also known by his alias name as Elite,was also among the joyful graduands.He is a computer wizard and also the founder and C.E.O of Elite Computers and branding company.He is a fast rising entrepreneur taking the business world with a storm.He graduated with a degree in commerce.That justify why he is popularly referred to as Elon Musk of Africa.We will surely miss him and on behalf of other members of TUK we wish him all the best.

Vodenyi Chayuga was also among the class of 2021.Vodenyi was also among the secretary general aspirants in TUK.Such a kind and a happy soul.As he graduates we wish him success on his pathway to fulfill his destiny.Vondenyi,if you are reading this,don’t give up on your leadership journey.

It would be the highest insult to her Excellency President Suluhu of the republic of Tanzania if we failed to mention any female graduands in the class of 2021.

It would not be in order to not highlight of the phenomenal women who graced the occasion.That iron lady would be none other than Annette Wasike.She graduated with a bachelor of degree in quantity surveying.She’s such a gentle soul with great prowess in writing.Her mastery in the writing world is nothing short of amazing.

To the class of 2021,thank you for your efforts and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors even as you become our alumni.Continue representing us in the outside world and always hold your chin high and with the fierce spirit of Mekatilili Wa Menza and the unrelenting spirit of Dedan Kimathi To the continuing students in T.U.K let’s also strive to excel.

A moment of happiness as the TUK graduands pose for a photo session.Photo courtesy of Edwin Nganyi.