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Boaz Gori Onserio, the Young Visionary Leader, set to be the Next congressman S.M.M.E 2022/2023.

Boaz Gori Onserio is one young visionary student who has dared to dream beyond. He is currently in 3rd-year pursuing a Bachelor of Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Kenya. He is also the chairperson of the Robotics Club. At the moment, he is working in collaboration with the Robotics Club members on a project proposal for designing a rocket by the name ALPHA xvi.

The project proposal currently being worked on by the Robotics Club, led by Boaz as the chair.

His pursuit for change in the political sector didn’t start yesterday or the day before. On the contrary, it is innate and progressive. The previous year marked his debut in the political arena. He vied for the seat of delegate and triumphed. This year, he has decided to go a notch higher. He is currently hunting for the seat of Congressman in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. He came up with his top 3 big agendas. They are as follows:

First and foremost, he is advocating for the earlier release of exam results. He notes that its delay has been a hindrance to many students. Many learners undergo a lot of tribulations like missing out on external bursaries whenever transcripts are required for submissions albeit pending approval. He also says that students have a hard time following up on their academic performance graph. Hence, being subjected to a lot of anxiety and mental anguish. Consequently, he plans to curb this menace progressively once elected.

Boaz Gori Onserio, the young Mechanical Engineer seeking to become the next congressman SMME.

Secondly, he is seeking to ensure there is the mass repair of broken machines in the laboratories. Many students have been limited in terms of the number of machines they can comfortably operate. This is attributed to the fact that the machines which broke down have never been mended. Hence, they are few that are in good condition. However, these can’t adequately accommodate all students. Therefore, impeding the impact of practical sessions on the students at large.

Finally, he is championing more physical classes than online lessons. While he applauds the online system which came to birth during the outbreak of the deadly Corona Virus, he insists that the number of physical classes should surpass the online ones. He states that the courses taught in his school are majorly hands-on skills. This, however, can’t be properly relayed via online means. Hence, acting as a hurdle for students in acquiring technical skills.

Boaz Gori Onserio, the chair of the Robotics Club and the incoming Congress Man SMME.

To conclude, Boaz Gori is an apt leader who has the best interests of the students at heart. His manifestos are attainable. He affirms that it will take collective responsibility for everyone to accomplish these goals. He, therefore, humbly seeks your votes as he prepares to battle in the contest for the congressman of SMME this year.

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Morris Bundi: Dependable, Daring and Determined Successor of the Academic Secretary Seat 2022/2023.

Morris Bundi, the current congressman of the school of Construction and Property Studies, has been pragmatic in the manner with which he dispenses his duties. For the past year, he has ensured that he has done immaculate work in his realm i.e SCPS.

What previously seemed a mountainous task for his predecessors, he gradually disintegrated into tiny fragments with his single touch. Under his leadership, he illustrated that he is the three D’s: dependable, determined and daring. Here is a sneak peek view of his work:

1. Armed with an in-depth understanding of how the failure to sit for exams negatively affects students, he ensured that during his tenure no one was evicted from the exam room. He has always beseeched the school management to exercise leniency on students of SCPS with pending fee balances as he sought other alternative means. His requests and wishes have always been granted due to his humility and wisdom in citing students’ grievances.

Morris Bundi aka Baha, current congressman SCPS, and incoming Academic Secretary.

2. He has aided several needy students in acquiring bursaries, that is, external bursaries as well as SATUK bursaries. He made it his mandate to always create awareness of the application process and its timeline. Furthermore, he regularly followed up on cases of those who unsuccessfully missed the allocation of SATUK bursary. Through his wide and rich network, he enabled them to acquire external bursaries.

Morris Bundi, incoming Academic Secretary.

3. Strengthened the bond between the school administrators and students. Morris Bondi has been repeatedly holding symposiums where lecturers and students shared ideas and dined together in tranquility. Hence, easing and strengthening their alliance. He formerly organized the previous conference in conjunction with the office of the Finance Secretary, Muchoki Kirera. The invited guest speaker was the renowned Robert Burale. The main topic addressed was How to Build Your Legacy. Dr Ofweneke was also in attendance.

Morris Bundi, together with some school administrators and students after attending a symposium.

4. In as much as he doesn’t possess a lot in terms of monetary aspect, this hasn’t hindered him from exercising philanthropy. Seldom does a student come to him with a need and fails to get assistance. In some extreme cases, he offered a helping hand to two needy students who had difficulties raising the rent. He is also widely known for providing basic shopping for some needy comrades ranging from stationery to food among others.

5. Majority of students, if not all, admit to going through the hustle and bustle of acquiring attachment opportunities. Well, Morris Bundi after noting this problem, carefully analysed it and came up with workable solutions. He formed partnerships with some construction companies who agreed to be annually admitting a chunk of construction students from TUK for attachment positions. Since his entrance into office, many learners acknowledge to being beneficiaries of his great scheme.

Morris Bundi, incoming Academic Secretary, delivering his speech, at the last Kamukunji .

6. Morris has helped in the revival of the group of Construction Students Association. This is the sole group in SCPS. It deals with the affairs of students and gives the innovative ones an outlet to showcase and hone their skills. During his rule, there has been vibrancy and the number of members has grown rapidly. Furthermore, he has been on the front line of educating students on the benefits of joining the association. Recently, the group organized an industrial visit to Tononoka Steel Industry set to take place this week Friday. Last year, they visited the same industry where they were duly educated.

Students from the School of Construction and Property Studies being educated by an Engineer at the Tononoka Steel Industry.

7. Organizing inter-university construction events. He has partnered with student leaders from other schools to organize these educative sessions. These excursions have had a great positive impact on the students at large. During these events, they shared platforms with great engineers as they siphoned wisdom and knowledge. Rumours have been dispelled and doubts cast during the ‘Question and Answer’ session.

A section of students from Tuk and other universities listening to the panellists during a construction event.

8. Forging a relationship with professional Bodies. Many a time, the aspirant for the Academic Secretary seat, Morris Bundi, has invited professional bodies for talks with the students. These bodies include the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK),the Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Kenya (IQSK), Architects and Quantity Surveyors-BORAQS, the National Construction Authority (NCA) and the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA). They have always honoured his invitation.

Distinguished guests representing various professional bodies having an interactive session with students.

This has been a blessing to the entire school. Enlightenment of students on the accreditation process, the requirements required in the field, and the process of drafting a curriculum Vitae among many more have been the fruits comrades of the School of Construction and Property Studies have reaped ever since their congressman, Morris, made his maiden entrance in their educational lives.

9. Enhancing Co-curricular Activities among students. Morris Bundi, in full recognition of the integral aspect of co-curricular activities in the life of students, has never hesitated to offer support to his comrades. SCPS has been a home of talents and has produced the following great players: Maxwell Okoth, Kimani, Eliazar Keya, Calvin Oloo among others, who are currently part of the TUK Hammers school football team. Through his great stewardship, the TUK SCPS football team emerged among the top five in the inter-school football derby held last year.

Calvin Oloo, the guy in the green jersey, is currently a third-year student pursuing a Diploma in Quantity Surveying. He is from the school of Construction and Property Studies.

Indeed, it’s evident Morris Bundi alias Baha, has done significant work in his school. He has set a successful track record for his successors. His passion for the education sector has been clearly illustrated in the article above. Hence, he seeks your support as he embarks on the voyage to become the next Academic Secretary so that the entire TUK fraternity can benefit from his leadership.

A poster on the event that recently occurred at TUK courtesy of Morris Bundi working in conjunction with the office of the Finance Secretary.

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Heart-warming Mashujaa Wishes from the following Aspirants and leaders in TUK.

True heroism is remarkably sober. It is seldom dramatic. It’s not the urge to surpass all at whatever cost. Rather, it’s the urge to serve others at whatever cost-by Malema.

In honour of the selfless patriots, who valiantly put their lives on the line in exchange for our independence, we gathered various views from these amazing aspirants/leaders on what Mashujaa Day truly means to them:

1. Nyaminsa Vivian-a contestant for the seat of Congress Lady S.I.S.S.

According to Christopher Reeves, a hero is a regular person who musters the fortitude to endure despite impossibly great odds. This Mashujaa day comes at a very significant time for us. I look up to my mother as a heroic example of overcoming difficulty and adversity.

Nyaminsa Vivian, a current contender for the congress lady in the School of Information and Science Technology.

2. Meshack Ndanyi alias Rash-current Mayor of Males’ South B Hostel who will be defending his seat this November.

Tiny ripples of positive change eventually become huge waves of change. That is the ultimate legacy of human existence. Today, I commend all comrades and Kenyans at large who are working tirelessly towards creating a brighter future for their families, institutions, regions and countries. HAPPY POST MASHUJAA DAY to all of you and may God bless you.

Meshack Ndanyi, current Mayor 2021/2022 who wishes to retain his seat.

3. Keshi Mburu, Current School Rep. S.C.M.S, Researcher and Developer, Quality assurance Specialist at Pyro-diesel, Climate Action ambassador, Mental Health Counsellor and Aspirant for the position of Gender Secretary 2022/2023.

We are ministers of change and liberators of freedom because our forefathers were the initiators. We laud their war by steering the valorous spirit of change, cherishing their love and scores of sacrifices. We are all mashujaa through all gaps that we tirelessly bridge. Happy belated Mashujaa Day everyone.

Keshi Mburu, current congress lady S.C.M.S, and an aspirant for the Gender Secretary Docket.

4. Victor Mwangangi, current class rep and a fierce contender for the seat of Secretary General 2022/2023.

I would like to recognise the courage, patience, humility and heroism of TUK comrades during these harsh times which are about to come to an abrupt end. Inspite of sailing in a ‘small boat’ at the centre of a very ‘stormy sea’ i.e economic jeopardy, comrades have never relented.

Victor Mwangangi, current Classrep and aspiring Secretary General.

5. Anne Dondi-School Representative of S.B.L.S, the Chairlady of Nyakach University Students Association and an Associate in Champions for Change.

Heroes are defined by how they speak to themselves, their selflessness and how they make their way through ill paths without anticipating awards. That, according to me, is the definition of a true hero.

Dondi Anne, current Congress Lady, S. B.L.S.

6. Ian Kiprono, an Aspirant for the Seat of School Representative S.C.P.S.

Nothing is given to man on earth. The struggle is already built into the nature of life. A hero is a man who lets no obstacle dissuade him from pursuing the values he has chosen. On this day, I commemorate world-renowned sports personnel, Eliud Kipchoge. He has demonstrated that we do not have to become heroes overnight but through step at a time. Happy post Mashujaa Day.

Ian Kiprono, a contestant for the seat of school Representative in S.C.P.S.

7. Mutai Valeri-current congress lady S.H.B.S and a prospective successor for the seat of Secretary General 2022/2023.

As we continue cruising in the spirit of our Mashujaa, we need tenacity and not recklessness, integrity above expedience and nothing but decency and compassion as we stand to defend  the principles of foundations in which our nation is built on. Shy not away from our own ugly history that is etched to our African skin as the blood that flows in our veins nourishes a figment of imagination that tomorrow will be better.

Mutai Valerie, Congress Lady, S.H.B.S, and a contestant for the seat of Secretary General.

8. Morris Bundi, current Congress man, SCPS who currently eyes the seat of Academic Secretary.

A true hero is not measured by his strength but by the power of his heart. One only becomes a hero when he/she prioritizes other people’s needs at the expense of his/hers. Happy belated Mashujaa Day to you all.

Morris Bundi, Current School Rep SCPS and contender for the seat of Academics.

9. Rachel Shimoka, aspiring congress lady in the School of Biological and Life Sciences.

Mashujaa Day is a historic day of marking the remembrance of our heroes and heroines who poised the accolades we enjoy at our present day. I reminisce Wangari Maathai who stood out among the rest.  Happy belated Mashujaa Day to all heroes and heroines.

Rachel Shimoka, an aspirant for the seat of Congress lady in S

10. Vincent Ouma-Current Congressman S.C.B.S.E and an ardent aspirant for the Sports Secretary Seat.

A true hero is not measured by his strength but by the power of his heart and the power of impact on those around them. Today I celebrate everyone who has played a role in my growth. Happy belated Mashujaa Day Everyone.

Ouma Vincent, current Congress Man, S.C.B.S.E, and an aspirant for the seat of Sports Secretary.

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The Untold Story of the Cultural Week.

Source; TUK FACE on their Instagram Page.

This year’s cultural week or better referred to as cultural day, received a lot of condemnation and harsh criticism from the majority of the students. The aim of this year’s event was, “Beyond diversity, we are one.” Nonetheless, the proceedings of it dilated the already existing divisions. Hence, causing wrangles.

Whispers claimed that the school President, Mani, was hell-bent on rewarding his “loyalists”/cronies at the expense of others. Catch the intricate stories of what exactly transpired in the just concluded cultural week.

Source: on Instagram.

The occasion kick-started late in the afternoon with a thrilling dance performance from the health organization team called, “Doctors Beyond Borders.” They shook their bodies rhythmically in line with the drum beats, therefore sending a chilling sensation. The super Master of Ceremonies was none other than Sungu while his counterpart was Jacob. The Deejay behind the great songs played on stage was DJ Spinnx.

They, Doctors Beyond Borders, proceeded with a short skit forthwith. It was about a first-year student who gets duped and gang raped by campus boys as she hunts for a suitable hostel. Fortunately, a staff comes to her aid. The skit was meant to act as a guide to students on what to do in case they are raped or sodomized. The organization provided leaflets on how they can be reached in case of such gruesome incidents.

A leaflet by Doctors Beyond Borders on how the services they offer.

Two guests, who were invited by the Gender Secretary, Mercy Kimani, delivered alluring speeches. They lit up the room with their jokes. Kotieno, former Sports Secretary, also graced the occasion. The Dean of Students, Prof. Omondi Oketch, urged the students to frequently participate in such activities. Through this, he said, they get extensive exposure and encounter countless opportunities.

Source; TUK FACE on their Instagram Page.

Student leaders were each given an opportunity to introduce themselves and even participate in rewarding the nominees. Their sense of fashion surpassed the plateau level.

During the ceremony, a fight almost ensued between a young lady and one male nominee in the tent. The cause of the fracas wasn’t established by the time we were compiling this blog. Fortunately, everything was brought to order by the bystanders before issues escalated further.

Source; TUK FACE on their Instagram Page.

After the results were unveiled for each category, there was a looming wind of unrest among nominees and the other students. Some felt dissatisfied with the outcome. One common question raised was the focal point used in determining the winners. Someone wondered what was the need of asking people to write their biographies if they weren’t a point of consideration.

Source; TUK FACE on their Instagram Page.

Another one wondered what was the necessity of sending their photos. However, none of these questions were addressed. The cumulative mood of this year’s SATUK awards is best fished from the book, Betrayal in the City, authored by Francis D. Imbuga, whereby one character by the name Mosese laments, “It was better while we waited. Now we have nothing to look forward to.”

Source; TUK FACE on their Instagram Page.

Summary of the Occurrences that happened in the Past 2 Weeks at T.U.

Here is a list of the key incidents that transpired at the Technical University of Kenya since last week (2/10/2022-13/10/2022).

1. Linet Chebet’s Demise.

The former S.A.T.U.K aspirant for the seat of Finance Secretary 2021/2022, Linet Chebet, passed away last week on the 4th of October. At the moment of her departure, she was a fifth-year student undertaking a Bachelor of Degree in Chemical Engineering. Her demise was a major blow to the entire student fraternity. Students peacefully assembled on 6th October at T.U.K Main Hall and lit candles in her honour. She will be fondly remembered as a hardworking, charming and apt individual.

Photo of Linet.

2. I.T Gurus.

On 13 October, a team of five brilliant and gallant men and women, called the Crackers, from the Technical University of Kenya successfully emerged as the overall winners of the competition called National CyberRise Hackathon. This contest was organised by the Communications Authority of Kenya in conjunction with the K.C.S.F.A (Kenya CyberSecurity and Forensic Association).

The team was awarded 250,000Ksh. Meanwhile, another team from our institution which goes by the name Technocrats, took the first runners-up position and got awarded a whooping cash prize of 150,000ksh. Another team called WeRTUK became number four while one more team from our university managed to become among the top ten list.

A team of I.T Gurus from the Technical University of Kenya who emerged in the first position.

3. S.A.T.U.K Award’s Voting Process.

The second phase of voting for nominees of the S.A.T.U.K awards began on the 5th of October and ended on the 12th of October. Some students who had scanty information about the entire process didn’t shy away from raising various complaints. Some wondered what was the essence of voting if they were not going to directly benefit from it.

Meanwhile, mayoress, Betty Chelagat, lit up faces when she reported via her Whatsapp Status that she had told her mom to vote for her who then said she would submit it as a petition in the church. Furthermore, it was reported that some students in their frantic quest to win by whichever means possible, were illegally accessing students’ official emails and changing their passwords to vote for themselves. However, no official statement was released to refute the claims.

A picture of the beautiful Mayoress, Betty Chelagat, who lit up faces during the voting period.

4. Postponement of the SATUK AWARDS ceremony.

On the 12th of October, a series of questions started arising if the event will still be held since it was remaining a few hours before the event was scheduled to take place. Students felt uneasy with how things were being done since no single poster had been released yet. Many felt the event wasn’t adequately promulgated. Eventually, the bombshell of the postponement of the occasion was plunged. This was articulated by the student leaders via parables and proverbs through their Whatsapp statuses.

Sources claimed the school administration was to take the sole blame for the predicament caused since they had refused to fund the event. It was decided that the S.A.T.U.K award ceremony will be merged with the Mr. and Miss T.U.K ceremony with the former taking place from 2.00p.m-4.00p.m and the latter from 6.00p. m-till late on the 14th of October. Breeder was ultimately unveiled as the guest artist who was set to perform.

Venerated Musician, Breeder, expected to perform on14 /10/2022.

5. Signing of Students’ Nominal Roll.

There was a technical hitch on the student’s portal as the information displayed on the dashboard wasn’t correlating with their present data. Hence, the hindrance in signing the nominal roll. The matter was later solved by the concerned student leaders. Students are being urged to sign it in advance to avoid future hurdles and report any inconvenience to the Academic Secretary, Fredrick Barasa.

A pic of the memo emphasising that students should sign in the nominal roll.

6. Mr. and Miss T.U.K Event.

Contenders of Mr and Miss T.U.K Event embarked on a one-week exercise to earnestly seek popularity votes on the Instagram Page at Tuk Models. Mercy Ndolo is currently leading with the highest votes at 7, 671 votes among the female competitors while George Mbagu Mbugua is leading in the male category with 1, 245 likes.

Photo courtesy of Mercy Ndolo.

This marks the end of our compilation. We hope you enjoyed it. For any enquiries, hit our inbox.

A Recap of the Episodes that Coloured the last week of September 2022.

Sometimes in the face of disenchantment and fear, it’s not hope that inspires action but action that inspires hope (Michael Xavier). While comrades experienced a cocktail of emotions about how this week would unfold, the sweet turn of events gave them all the reason to marvel. It will go down in the history of T.U.K as one of the most memorable weeks due to these:

1. Exams.

The students who are currently enrolled in the term system sat for their exams. While some seem unprepared due to getting stuck in the maze of national politics, others were more than anxious to scribble down the tiny knowledge they grasped from the online tutors. P.D.F came in handy too. They were mandated to sit for more than one paper on some day(s).

2. Nominations for S.A.T.U.K Awards.

The commencement of these nominations was officially announced on Sunday morning. It sent all into a frenzy. Cute faces were unleashed on posters as each competed to woo a larger audience. Indeed, beauty is such a strong currency. Unfortunately, student leaders could only contest for the award of Student Leader of the Year Award. President Mani attributed this on the basis that one can’t sit for an exam that was set by themselves and also reverberated that the nomination process will be transparent.

S.A.T.U.K Awards 2022.

3. H.E.L.B Disbursement.

Eventually, Higher Education Loans Board heard about the plight of students. It disbursed funds to some students. There was merry all over. Nyakwar Otare, the current Blogger of the Year award 2021/2022 announced this good news via the official WhatsApp Group. Many commended the Secretary-General, Boniface Harrison, for following up on the matter.

Kenyan currency in the form of 1,000 notes.

4. Birthday Party.

The president, Peter Mani and the former aspirant for Sports’ Docket, Lameck Kaka, held a joint birthday festivity at the Alvin Lounge in Mirema on Friday. It was an open invitation. The allure and benevolence of the duo were reciprocated with a warm reception from everyone. Comrades enjoyed the ambience as they danced their stress away. They eventually nibbled on the delicious cake baked by the blessed hands of the talented Kanini Enterprise. Comrades and their devotion to sherehe should be asserted as the eighth wonder of the world.

A poster and cake of President’ Mani and Kaka’s Birthday party.

5. S.B.L.S Fun Day.

The school of Biological and Life Sciences held their fun day on Friday at the institution. It was a spectacular opportunity for students to celebrate their milestones and friendship. Moreover, they also shared a cake and other delicacies. Calvin Otieno, the school representative, took that opportunity to dish out leadership and scholarly acumen.

Students of S.B.L.S during their fun day at the institution.

6. T.E.B’s Declaration.

It is alleged the T.U.K.E.L.S.A Election Board endorsed Fredrick Oundo Barasa as their flag bearer of the presidential election. The other aspirants decided to shelve their ambitions for him. Nyabola opted to contest for Secretary General, Tony Blair decided to defend his current seat while Tony Blair Pire would vie for the Sports Docket. There were mixed reactions in the famous Whatsapp Group, T.U.K Blast. Some applauded the move while others dismissed the news as a hot air balloon. The Super Admin, Josphat Kioko, declared his immense support for the current Academic Secretary, Barasa.

A leaked WhatsApp group message from the T.E.M.

7. T.U.K Gusii Bonding.

The family of T.U.K Gussi held a bonding session at City Park on Saturday. The session was open to all. They came together and shared light moments as they celebrated the gifts of mother nature. They all looked sharp in adorable outfits and beaming smiles. Suffice it to say, their smiles were an embodiment of their contentment and greatness.

Tuk Gusii Club enjoying themselves in City Park.

8. S.M.A.S Bonding Session.

The School of Mathematical and Actuarial Science orchestrated an event on Saturday at Oloolua Nature Trail. The organizer of the event was his pekness Maurice Cornel Otieno. It was such a fulfilling day as they mingled with gusto.

S.M.A.S students bonding happily as they share uplifting stories.

This ends the climax of the summary of what happened in T.U.K in the last week of September. We hope you enjoyed it. Leave a comment.

H.E.L.B: Commonly Asked Questions regarding Higher Education Loans Board.

We have compiled a set of frequently asked questions and their responses on matters pertaining to H.E.L.B. Feel free to drop any other query in our comment section.

Logo of HELB.

When is the deadline for HELB application 2022: 30th November 2022.

What are the requirements for applying for a loan: You need the following copies:the Applicant’s national ID Card, parents’ national ID Cards/death certificate, guarantors’ national ID Card, applicant’s admission letter and K.C.S.E result slip/certificate, applicant’s Bank card, applicant’s Smart Card from the institute and one recent coloured passport size photograph of the applicant.

From Helb Page.

How to retrieve your account number after getting locked due to use of a wrong PIN: Click on ‘reset pin’. Then key in a new pin.

How to check for the progress of your loan: Access the HELB website and enter your ID digits. Proceed to submit an email to with a request for a statement on the loan. Or phone HELB on 0722052000.

How to apply for HELB without using a smartphone: Dial *642#.

Photo from Helb Page.

How much does it cost to apply for HELB: It is free.

How to authenticate a successful application: You will receive a notification of a successful application on your handset.

How to edit institution details: Go to “my account” on the H E.L.B App. Click on “Institution”. Finally, click on “ Edit.”

How to download the HELB App: Go to Google Play Store,, and download it.

How to access the Helb Student Portal: Register on the HELB Portal by visiting

Photo from Helb Facebook Page.

Eligibility for application of a loan: You can apply for the loan regardless of the year you are in the institute. You will apply as a first-time applicant during the first-time applications window. After the first disbursement, you will then be applying for subsequent.

Source: H.E.L.B website.

Mayor’s Dinner: Exotic, Epic and Enticing.

“Sherehe sheria,” is the maxim that best summarizes the activities that took place on 17/09/2022 at the T.U.K South B Male Hostel. It was a terrific day organized by the Mayor, Meshack Ndanyi. The residents thronged the premises to heartily commemorate the enviable spirit of brotherhood as they fostered the golden fabric of unity through sports. The serene atmosphere was perforated with velvety smiles.

Comrades getting served during the Mayor’s Dinner.

The occasion commenced with a football match. Dwellers grouped themselves into these teams: Man-U, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man- City. They contested energetically so to be topped off as the star of the match. Eventually, Chelsea triumphed and rose to take their coveted place as the winner after garnering 5 points. The first runners-up were Manchester United who proudly earned 3 points.

Residents participating in Football Match.

The chess and pool tournament followed simultaneously. The winner got 700 shs. while the first runners-up was awarded 300 shs. Francis Mwas and Isaac Poghisho were the pool champions respectively.

Players getting engrossed in the pool tournament.

The following leaders graced the ceremony:  Agere (S.H.H.E), Boniface (Sec. General),  Shampi (S.I.S.S), Betty(Mayoress),  Faithfulness (S.C.I.T), Serem (S.S.S.S), Maurine (S.E.E.E), Linah (S.H.E.E), Fredrick Barasa (Academic Secretary),  Nabangi (S.A.S.P), Muchoki(Finance Sec.), Pablo (Sports Sec) and Serem(S.C.A.M).

The summit of the monumental occurrence was the Mayor’s Dinner. The feast, which was akin to the Last Supper, was anticipated with bated breath and comrades finally partook it with glee. The host of the event, Meshack Ndanyi, gifted Hostel F.C a set of brand new uniform plus a fancy ball.

Chapati was among the delicacies served at the hostel.

Grandiloquent speeches were warmly conveyed capped with a considerable sense of humour. The event anchored the fact that the current mayor, Meshack Ndanyi, is a selfless and indisputably incredible planner. It was unanimously concurred that Mayor ought to share the “Mwakenya” and secret recipe among his fellow administrators on how to successfully organize a blooming event.

Meshack Ndanyi, Mayor and host of the Mayor’s Dinner.

Neomi Wamboi: the agile Environmentalist and passionate Philanthropist.

During the hustle and bustle of schooling, I bump into Neomi Wamboi; the philanthropic lady with an imperial countenance. She is a girl on a mission to immaculately leave dents of the goodness of humanity in the hearts of many. She is also big on matters of the environment. Her wish is to have an extra large heart to absorb everyone’s needs out there and filter all their painful experiences. Here is our detailed interview with the beautiful queen.

Neomi Wamboi looking graceful.

What’s your name: I’m Wambui Naomi (Wambõ) aged 21 years old. I’m the firstborn in our household and presently pursuing Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

What made you start humanitarian services: (smiles) It’s innate. My parents, the greatest pillars of my life, inspired me and supported me to start. Since then they have always stood by me and motivated me to keep going on. I also cherish appreciating the environment through tree planting activities. Doing charitable visits is a form of self-healing therapy.

What challenges have you encountered:(coughs) I am yet to experience any set back. My constant belief that humanity is selfless has helped me navigate a lot of things.

What motivated you to start environmental conservation: Conservation of the environment comprises a series of good works which was pioneered and propelled by the late Nobel Prize winner, Prof Wangari Mathai. I’m ecstatic to finish the journey she started. This conservation is like a long-distance marathon. It is the end that matters. I also get energized to help the less fortunate since no one prays for bad days.

Neomi Wamboi together with her friends planting trees.

Your worst regret: I regret not starting a community service club in my high school.

Your achievements: I consider every soul I touch as an achievement. The prominent ones, however, are visiting 10 Children’s homes around Nairobi and Kiambu, dining with the street children, an elderly visit and launching a foundation called Touch A Soul Movement. It aims to bring together many youngsters with a similar interest in giving back to society. Furthermore, I was able to partner with the Ministry of Agriculture for tree planting activities through my initiative called the Green Heart Movement.

During charity event after sharing great time with children.

Any advice to someone who may want to venture into humanitarian services:(smiles) You don’t need to have a lot of cash in your bank account to offer a helping hand. It is the little money, love and care that you give out that counts. Don’t listen to the negative things said by pessimistic people. Always stay positive and seek the kingdom of God.

Relationship status :(laughs) If anyone is interested to know, they should personally reach out to me.

Biggest assumption people have about you: People presume that I am a social person yet I am a loner.

A joke about the environment :(giggles) A wife separated from her husband based on his views on the environment of trying to save water by showering with his neighbour’s daughter. That was crazy.

Neomi Wamboi together with her friends.

Deputy President: Factors to Consider when Choosing a Deputy President.

As T.U.K presidential aspirants prepare to contest for the top seat in October, it is fundamental that they select an equally capable running mate. Qualities shouldn’t be narrowed down to beauty and fame only. Rather, by the degree of passion for serving others. Leadership is truly a calling. A calling to serve everyone with equity. A calling to carry out duties diligently. A deputy president should act as an extension and arm of the president at all times.

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In the recent past, this docket has been characterised by individuals who stay low-key immediately after entering the office. In the long run, it seems as if they don’t strive enough to make a difference. All the energy and vigour witnessed during campaigns seem to fade as their term progresses. They opt to live in the shadow of the president. This, in most cases becomes a deterrent to their service delivery. Comrades deserve an equally aggressive deputy president who is passionate in fulfilling their manifesto.

They also deserve a deputy president who can be seen, command and also influence masses. They should vibrate in the same wavelength as the president; acting as the armour and shield of the president. In the meandering journey of leadership, it’s worth noting that comrades also deserve an easily approachable deputy president. Someone who effortlessly mingles with everyone without prejudice.

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Furthermore, the deputy president should be presentable and ready to execute authority. They ought to be courageous enough to advise, critic and challenge the president and the other leaders. Calling a spade a spade should be the norm whenever a need arise.

Finally, compatibility matters a lot. They need to choose someone with whom they share similar core values and principles. This will help in reducing discords among them. Hence, allowing the smooth running of the government. For a house to be declared fit, the foundation must be strong. Hence, a great foundation equals a strong house. Similarly, a great choice of deputy president is equivalent to great governance of school.