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Prof. Peter Lewa’s Clarion Call for Mass Plantation of Trees Countrywide.

Prof. Peter Mutuku Lewa is an eminent social activist for the conservation of the environment. The magnitude of his passion for it can only be likened to that of the unrelenting tide of the briny ocean or the unceasing wind breeze during the winter season.

Prof Mutuku Lewa during a tree planting session in Amboseli SOPA Lodge.

Accordingly, he recently started a campaign aimed at the mass plantation of trees countrywide. He laments that the Sahara Desert is plummeting at an alarming rate. Hence, there is the haste of taking an expedition to mitigate the drastic effects of drought through reforestation and afforestation.

Photo of Sahara Desert as posted on Instagram by a social media influencer.

He affirms, “You and I can pitch in positively towards greening the environment. This is through fastening the powerful girdles of saving mother nature collectively.” He further emphasizes that since antiquity, trees have acted as water catchment bases and have been pivotal in climate amelioration.

Powerful message by Wangari Maathai, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Professor Peter Lewa echoes that presently, the clarion call is: Plant a tree wherever you visit. He advises, “We would begin to make a heftier impact if we taught the young ones this mantra and ultimately solidified that through our actions.“ He further implores, “Use this phrase during your visit to the following places: your rural church, your in-laws’ domiciles, your former academy, and your places of worship.”

He recalls that the rebirth of the mass plantation of trees commenced recently at Amboseli SOPA Lodge. He randomly poses a question, “Can you get involved? Please do so to the best of your capacity. We owe this to our society and most especially to the future generations.”

Prof. Peter Lewa taking breakfast with his wife Dr. Susan Lewa at Amboseli SOPA lodge in readiness for planting trees.

To conclude, Professor Lewa echoes the same sentiments as the venerated Nobel Peace Prize Winner and environmentalist Wangari Maathai who once beseeched, “Please, plant trees wherever you visit and do good by teaching the young and old alike the beauty of conserving the environment through the planting of trees. Let us make planting trees our everyday concern.”

Photo of Wangari Maathai, Founder of Green Belt Movement, when she was advocating for mass plantation of trees.

Graduation Bells and Wails Mark the 11th Graduation Ceremony at the Technical University of Kenya.

The 11th Graduation Ceremony to be held in Tuk.

The Technical University of Kenya meticulously readies itself to crown exemplary students in its 11th graduation ceremony. This occasion shall be held at the University Ground commencing from 9:00 a.m. on the 21st of December 2022. Parents, friends, and any other member of the public who wishes to attend the event are encouraged to do so virtually.

Graduating from the Technical University of Kenya is a known catalyst for acquiring job opportunities in the highly competitive world. This is because it is widely known for producing competent graduates- courtesy of the dispensation of quality education by dedicated lecturers.

A memo from the school administration on matters pertaining to graduation.

During our coverage of this article, we encounter one bubbly, determined young noblewoman by the name of Paula Lucy. She joined the institution on the 20th of August 2018. There, she undertook a Diploma in Technology of Events and Convention Management. She exudes confidence and radiates positivity as we engage with her further.

Paula Atieno, a finalist at Technical University of Kenya.

She jovially addresses us while a broad smile is cemented across her cute countenance. Briefly, she terms this occasion as a prominent feat. She attributes this to the fact that she overcame mammoth hurdles to reach the graduation shore.

Politically, she has diligently served as the Class Representative of her class since she entered the university. Verily, she not only departs from the periphery of Tuk as a qualified graduate but also as a dedicated and visionary leader.

Paula Atieno during her first year in Campus

However, the other side of the coin of this year’s graduation ceremony is disillusionment. This is because some prospective graduands’ efforts to graduate were thwarted at the 11th hour. Diploma students who have been undertaking Public Health as their course since 2018, unfortunately, won’t be graduating even after clearance.

This is after the dispiriting reports that their course is yet to be accredited. They were informed that their names appeared on the graduation list by mistake. They are now holding onto a frail wig of hope as they await for the senate to come up with a final verdict. The optimists are hopeful that there might just be light at the end of the tunnel.

A WhatsApp Chat from the Diploma Public Health Students being informed that they will no longer be graduating until further notice.

For more information on the graduand’s list, click the link below:

Physicians of the Environment who are Doing a Remarkable Job in Conservation of the Surroundings in TUK.

They exist in dissonant communities where they are widely known as the Physicians of the Environment. There, they strive to bring harmony between humans and mother nature. Since the previous week, they have been doing a noble job around the school full of merriment. Jointly, they have gradually enhanced Wangari Maathai’s agenda which entails the preservation of the environment.

Pic courtesy of Peter Lewa.

Driven by their mantra, Your Environment is Your Canvas, they came to the plight of many students who have been blighted by the filthy setting. They termed the situation as the paradoxical nature of humans. The rebirth of the recent conservation of the environment in TUK was pioneered by Professor Peter Lewa.

When the students were in the classroom quenching their thirst for knowledge, he felt uneasy by the tier of untidiness around them. Hence, he revealed the demerits of living in such a habitat. He further emphasized that it has been a detriment in maintaining a conducive environment for both teaching and learning.

One of the boards in school before cleaning had commenced.

Therefore, he met with two students who also double up as class representatives: Dennis Kimathi and Tony Erick. Professor Lewa then inquired about the way forward in combatting the menace. They unanimously settled on cleaning the boards first. With the financial support of Professor Lewa, they bought methylated spirits and wipes.

Denis Kimathi, one of the volunteers in keeping the environment clean .

Thereafter, they diligently cleaned all boards in B-block, C-Block, and L-block. They are optimistic that by Tuesday 29th November 2022 they will have finalized tidying up all the boards in the institution. Moreover, they plan to embark on other activities like planting trees.

The board after getting cleaned by the students.

They liken learning in a very dirty environment to watching television with a faulty circuit. As expected, there will always be a power outage unless the circuit is replaced with a brand-new one. The circuit in this case has been used metaphorically to represent modes of keeping the environment clean.

They affirm that the task that they are doing is voluntary, free and open for everyone to do. They jovially term it as a corporate social responsibility. They declare, “We are just doing it as a service to the community.” There is a flickering hope that others will embrace their ideas and join them in the movement of saving Mother Nature.

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Comprehensive Coverage of Significant Events that have occurred at and outside the Walls of Technical University of Kenya in November 2022.

1. ASA_TUK’s Inaugural Sports Day held on 28 October 2022.

This event was held at Kasarani Stadium. Students from the School of Architecture and Spatial Planning in the Technical University of Kenya joined their peers from JKUAT, UON and the Architectural Association Of Kenya (AAK) in making the event colorful and incredible.

The SASP team from TUK at ASA_TUK’s Inaugural Sports Day.

They engaged in various activities like: sack race, football, volleyball, relay and balloon games. Luckily, TUK secured the first runners-up position after putting up a well-spirited fight. Both school representatives from SASP were in attendance.

The SASP team from TUK at ASA_TUK’s Inaugural Sports Day.

2. Inter-University I&M Bank CTF Contest – Saturday 12th Nov 2022.

The tournament, which was entitled Inter-University I&M Bank CTF, was held at I&M Bank’s main office at Parklands. The major theme of the event was “Capture The Flag.” This is simply a cyber security game-like competition intended to identify network and system vulnerabilities and their respective loopholes. 26 students from the School of Computing and Information Technology represented TUK.

Peter Lokong, from SCIT, posing for a photo at the Inter-University I&M Bank CTF Contest.

Out of 8 teams, the squad from our institution, TCC-LIZARD SQUAD, headed by Innocent Mambo, emerged as the 2nd runner-up. Hence, winning a cash prize of 20,000ksh. Peter Lokong, one of our students, emerged as the 2nd runner-up out of the 32 contestants. Hence, gaily walking away with a cash reward of 20,000ksh.

The giant gurus from SCIT posing for a photo at the Inter-University I&M Bank CTF Contest.

3. Mulembe Charity Event at Sidon Children’s Home-19/10/2022 .

This noteworthy occurrence was held by the house of Mulembe to spread the fruits of joy and love to the most vulnerable and less fortunate. They paid a visit to Sidon Children’s Home which is located in Zimmerman. House officials and students at large from varied houses were also in attendance as a sign of solidarity in enhancing charity work.

Mulembe Community and friends engaging in charity work at Sidon Children’s Home posing for a photo.

They washed children’s clothes, cleaned the utensils and cooked food among other chores. Furthermore, they indulged in narrating thrilling stories. Thereafter, they exercised their democratic right by electing the new house leaders. The school president, Muchoki Kirera, sent a heartwarming message to the gathering and chipped in some amount of money to support the house in their future endeavours.

People who visited Sidon Children’s Home posing for a photo.

4. The First Club Mentorship Meeting for S.B.L.S Students-17/10/2022.

The school representatives from the School of Biological and Life Sciences held their first weekly Clubs’ Mentorship meeting. They revived their school club, which is termed as Science and Technology Students Association (S.T.S.A).

Students from SBLS keenly listening to the presentation.

Dr Patrick Okanya, who is highly revered, was the guest speaker at the event. He gave a powerful and substantial oration on “Planning our Scientific Journey.” This was done to mentally and psychologically prepare them for the great tasks ahead like the organization of: academic trips, science workshops, exhibitions and debates.

Dr Patrick Okanya talking to the students.

5. Insecurity Issue addressed by the Secretary-General and Sports Secretary-17/11/2022 and 19/11/2022.

The Secretary-General, Peter Ogutu, released a memo to address the issue of insecurity inside the school; specifically at the Student Centre. This is after a feud emerged over the succession of some shops in school yet the contract period wasn’t over.

A memo from the Secretary -General.

Moreover, Sports Secretary, Vincent Ouma, released a memo in response to the reports on the increase in the level of insecurity outside the premises of the Technical University of Kenya. He gave some guidelines that students are expected to follow to ensure their safety. Their memos came timely after we had released an article addressing the issue of insecurity.

A memo from the Sports Secretary.

6. Present GIS Applications and Future GIS- 14th November 2022 (Day 1 of the Geospatial Week)

This was done via online mode. Two speakers facilitated the presentation: Dr Pamela-Remote Sensing Scientist and Mr Nashan Adera-founder of Impact Borderless Digital. Later, learners made presentations on their projects. The top 3 among them won the awards for the best demonstrations.

The School Rep, SSSS, Collins Cheruiyot, seated on the first front bench, listening to the presentations.

7. Mappathon day- 15 November (Day 2 of Geospatial Week)

Students had a mapping competition of digitizing features on The Youth Mappers websites. The Red Cross team also graced the occasion and delivered its presentation.

A Guest delivering his speech during the Geospatial Event.

8. GIS day- 16th November (Day 3 of Geospatial Week)

The following companies graced the occasion: Oakar services, Measurements Systems Ltd, Geopsy research, Directorate of Resource Surveys and Remote sensing (DRSRS), ESRI Eastern Africa and SuperMaps. They elaborately tabled their presentations. The best three students were awarded cash prizes and GSSA Club T-Shirts. These were Wesley Kipkirui, Odero George and Louis Wambua. The event was organized by GSSA Club in partnership with the school reps. of the School of Surveying and Spatial Sciences.

Student officials from GSSA Club with the school representative, Collins Cheruiyot, in the just concluded Geospatial Week.

9. Vibe 22 Performance-19/11/2022

The talented mega superstars from the Technical University of Kenya showcased their dance prowess on 19/11/2022. They are known for always delivering an electrifying performance whenever they take over the stage. That Saturday it wasn’t an exception as they left memorable prints in the hearts of many.

Vibe 2022 Poster inviting people to attend their live performance.

10. Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda-19/11/2022.

The Tourism and Travel Management students’ took part in the end-of-year competition of Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda. This competition was organised by a consultation institution called, Let’s Go Travel in conjunction with the Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda Board. Universities like Kenyatta University, Zetech, MKU, Cooperative, Pwani, Machakos and Amboseli graced the event.

Students from TUK taking part in the event dubbed Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda.

Esther Muthee and Lynn Nekesa, who are currently in their fourth year of studies at TUK, were awarded for actively taking part in the program and maintaining consistency for the past 4years. This was met through actively taking part in discussions and attending symposiums. TUK was awarded the certificate for the institution that is best in offering tourism as a course and also for its zeal in maintaining consistency. This certificate and award were received by Mr Paul Olola, a highly-ranked lecturer in our institution.

Mr Paul Olola, a highly-ranked lecturer in our institution, who received the award on behalf of TUK.

These are just but some of the major events that happened in our institution in November 2022. You can reach out to us to highlight any other event which we may have left out.

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Crisis at the Technical University of Kenya Threatening the Survival of Students.

When the revered artist, Nyashinski, sang Marathon Runner, he might have had the Students of the Technical University of Kenya in mind. A few years later after the premier of the song, circumstances forcefully turned them into full-time athletes and warriors.

A photo of people running in Nairobi.

While dawn has often been a symbol of hope, to the comrades in Tuk it symbolises despair. They have been rendered hopeless and are at the break of losing their lives at a slight miscalculation. They are constantly battling against the amalgamation of starvation and strangling/stabbing by muggers.

Photo of Tuk.

Firstly, the rate of insecurity in Nairobi has shoved students across various institutions into the dingy bottomless pit of disillusionment. Some have been stabbed and their valuables e.g phones and laptops have been made away with. Furthermore, they have been left with lifetime dents of stabs. Some have even lost their lives.

A lady getting accosted by muggers in CBD.

Unfortunately, no student leader from Tuk has come out to publicly address students or even cite the measures they are taking to ensure their security. The latest news reaching our desk is that some few comrades in Tuk have also been victims of mugging. However, they are not yet ready to publicly share their ordeal for various reasons.

A student who was stabbed at K.C.A by muggers.

Secondly, some learners continue floundering as hunger pangs consume them. The common phrase, Kuinama, was recently coined to mean the act of one foregoing their meals due to lack of means. At the student centre, the cheapest meal to partake as lunch currently retails at 60 bobs, that is Fries exclusive of the ketchup.

Kuinama redefined.

Chapo Madondo and Bhajia go at 70 bobs. Hence, those who live from hand to mouth have been bellowing in agony. Students have been urged to persevere with the current rates for a few more months as they await the termination of the contracts with the merchants.

To conclude, students at the Technical University of Kenya are currently going through a rough patch. One student who sought anonymity said this, “Student leaders should stop wearing the self-proclaimed badge of being the mouthpiece of the students yet when circumstances like insecurity and hiking of food prices arise, they are doing absolutely nothing to salvage the vulnerable students.”

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Newly Elected Executive Members of SATUK 2022/2023.

On 3/11/2022, the sky was pervaded with barrages of ululation and jubilation at the Technical University of Kenya. It was a feat for the undaunted souls who braved the storm of political turmoil.

As the election results of various aspirants started streaming in, their ardent supporters would brim with euphoria. The ones whose contenders didn’t emerge winners, sauntered away as profound sadness cloaked them. The following is a list of the elected SATUK members 2022/2023 by the hierarchy:

The newly elected SATUK executive officials.

1. President-Mr. Muchoki Kirera.

He is the current president of the Technical University of Kenya. Furthermore, he is the former Finance Secretary of TUK 2021/2022. His favourite slogan during the electioneering period was “Muchoki hachoki.” Many viewed him as the liberator of the students from the chains of unscrupulous merchants who were exploiting students by charging them exorbitantly for essential services.

Muchoki Kirera, former finance secretary 2021/2022 and the current President of TUK.

2. Deputy President-Habiba.

She is a vocal and strongly opinionated lady. Initially, she had shown interest in vying for the position of Mayoress of the Ladies’ Hostel. She was later chosen as Kirera’s presidential running mate. Habiba sets to change the face of the seat of deputy president. Her predecessors have often acted as the shadow of the President.

Habiba, the current Deputy President of TUK.

3. Secretary General- Peter Ogutu.

He dons the robe of humility. His win was unprecedented. Several people allude him to the Biblical David who won the battle between him and Goliath. He encountered stiff competition since his opponents were outgoing SATUK officials. Fortunately, that wasn’t a deterrent to pursuing his dream.

Peter Ogutu, the current Secretary General, 2022 /2023.

4. Academic Secretary-Stephanie Oraro.

She is the first-ever elected female Academic Secretary in Tuk. A great orator she is whose prowess in public speaking was visibly expressed during the Debate Session of the Academic Aspirants.

Stephanie Oraro, the current Academic Secretary 2022 /2023.

5. Gender Secretary-Mercy Kaisali.

She is the former congress lady of the School of Business and Management Studies and the winner of the award of the Best Upcoming Leader 2021/2022. During the campaign period, the catchphrase “Tuko SURE na Kaisali” was her trade mark. One outstanding trait about her is that she is social and vocal.

Mercy Kaisali, the current Gender Secretary 2022 /2023.

6. Finance Secretary-Mellon Cheptekei.

Mellon Cheptekei is the current Finance Secretary of SATUK 2022/2023. She will be succeeding Muchoki Kirera. She is famously known for her prowess in the poetry domain. Hence, the stage name, Mellow the Poet.

Mellon Cheptekei, the current Finance Secretary 2022 /2023.

7. Sports Secretary -Vincent Ouma.

He is the contemporary Sports Secretary. Moreover, he is the former school representative of the School Of Chemical And Biological Systems Engineering 2021/2022. The Sports docket has in the past year shrouded with several allegations like mismanagement of funds. Lamentations have been all over on how the docket was being casually run. All eyes are currently on him to see how he will revamp the docket.

Vincent Ouma, the current Sports Secretary 2022 /2023.

8. Mayoress-Celine Sarah.

She will be taking the mantle of leadership from Betty Jalagat. She is soft-spoken and social.

Celine Sarah, Mayoress of females Hostel 2022/2023

9. Mayor-Denis Dapash.

He is the new Sherrif in town after being crowned the Mayor of Male South B Hostels. He takes over the leadership position from the former Mayor, Meshack Ndanyi.

Denis Dapash, Mayor of Males Hostel 2022/2023.

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List of Elected School Representatives in the current SATUK 2022/2023.

The main theme of this year’s election was persistence. This trait could be likened to the game of “Snakes and Ladders“. The matrix of the game dictates that in as much as there are inevitably downward trips, there will always be a way up. One just needs to move forward after careful analysis.

Photo of Tuk Students exercising their democratic rights as they voted for the school representatives and delegates.

Some of the school representatives went unopposed, others won with a vast margin while some defeated their strongest competitor with a slight margin. We will highlight some of members of the congress whose success stories made headlines:

1. Stephen Macharia alias Thee Captain-SBLS.

His victory was monolithic. As anticipated, he won with a very massive margin. Previously, he had always been in the limelight for being of great service to his fellow students. He often ensured comrades were up to date with the schools’ activities which he also actively participated in. Consequently, comrades decided to reciprocate his good deeds by unanimously voting for him.

Stephen Macharia, current congressman SBLS.

2. Collins Cheruyiot-SSSS

Intelligent. Steadfast. Strategist. Humble. These are the top four adjectives that could best describe the warrior from SSSS. His impact has always been felt. He repeatedly curbed students’ injustices and helped them mitigate their life challenges. He zealously acted as the Personal Assistant of the outgoing School Rep, Godwin. Moreover, he organized various training sessions in collaboration with the Surveying Companies to empower students.

Collins Cheruiyot, current congressman SSSS.

3. Regina Musembi-SSSS

Her tale is incredible. She embodies the Biblical Story of the ‘Woman and the Judge‘. Despite not gripping the same seat last year, she never relented in her pursuit. Armed with the right armor, she swung into the arena ready for the battle. After immersing herself in the murky waters of politics, she successfully reached the shore and was declared the victor. Wahenga and Wahenguzi would say, “Atafutaye hachoki. Akichoka, keshapata.”

Regina Musembi, current congress lady SSSS.

4. Ian Kipkorir-SCPS

As soon as he publicly declared his interest in running for the seat of a congressman, all his prospective contenders scampered to safety. They decided to shelve their ambitions after establishing the magnitude of the iceberg they were going to encounter. Thus, he eventually went unopposed. He was recently crowned as the Speaker of the SATUK.

Ian Kipkorir, current congressman SCPS.

5. Vivian Nyaminsa-SISS

The soft-spoken lady hit the headlines when she made her first bid to run for the seat. Her glamour and personality was charming and won her many hearts. She is currently the Deputy Speaker of SATUK.

Nyaminsa Vivian, the current Deputy Speaker and congress lady SISS.

6. Maurice Otieno-SMAS

He has always been a household name in the hallways of TUK. Being politically active has invariably endeared him to the students. He comes off as a cool guy with positive vibes. His top-notch strategies and well coordination with his team granted him the conquest.

Maurice Otieno, current congressman SMAS.

7. Denis Rollins-SISS

He is a renowned influencer in TUK. His name dominates in the list of the top Influencers in Tuk. Despite losing the award on the same, he still went ahead and contested for the seat of a school representative. He emerged victorious as predicted by many.

Dennis Rollins, current School Rep. SISS.

8. Cyrus Gititi-SEEE.

When Amos Wamari, Mtu Wa Stima, announced the candidature of this great man publicly, some brushed the idea based on the fact that he was a diploma student. Others tried to lure him to drop his bid but he didn’t. He proved to the TUK fraternity that every student has the right and chance of participating in the election. He went unopposed and was duly crowned the congressman of SEEE.

Cyrus Gitonga, current congressman SEEE.

9. Komala Lucky-SHHE.

He hails from the same school as the outgoing Seargent at Arms, Agere Sigunga. He had massive support from a majority of the students. He is best defined as social, caring and ambitious. Presently, he is the Sergeant at Arms of the SATUK Council.

Komala Lucky, current congressman SHHE and Sergeant at arms.

10. Millie Wawira-SCIT

Her debut into politics was hushed by some people as it was seen as a deviation from the norm. She was told to follow the protocol whereby one first contests for the delegate seat then later runs for the seat of Congress in the following year. Nonetheless, she declined to be persuaded and stuck to her initial goal. Eventually, she emerged the victor. Her triumph was a vital lesson to everyone that they shouldn’t listen to the naysayers. Rather, they should be assertive and firm when making decisions.

Milly Macharia, current congress lady SCIT 2022/2023.

Here is a list of the other congressmen and congress ladies who emerged victorious in their respective schools:

Humphrey Nyakego.
2. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND SPATIAL PLANNING: Euphemia Moraa and Alexander Munyao.
3. SCHOOL OF BIOLOGICAL AND LIFE SCIENCES: Beavelin Benta and Macharia Stephen.
7. SCHOOL OF CIVIL AND RESOURCE ENGINEERING: Jeanne Kwamboka And Japheth Odiwuor.
Edith Wamuyu And Godfrey Wachira.
Milly Wawira and Ian Pascal.
13. SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY & HUMAN ECOLOGY: Alice Kanini And Lucky Komala.
Owuor Maurice.
17. SCHOOL OF PHYSICS AND EARTH SCIENCE: Ivy Awuor And Odhiambo Franklin
18. SCHOOL OF SURVEYING & GEOSPATIAL SCIENCES: Musembi Regina And Kibet Collins.

Mariam Hassan, the Gate Keeper of Comrades’ Affairs and the Incoming Deputy President.

All those who have sipped the finest wine of leadership speak the same language. It is warm, refreshing and rejuvenating. Mariam Hassan embodies the finest leadership one could dream of. She is a Goddess set upon the shores of immaculate leadership and virtues.

Mariam Hassan, incoming Deputy President of TUK.

Perhaps what makes her outstanding is neither her appearance nor her achievements. On the contrary, it’s her love and vitality in believing that no matter the intensity of darkness around her, light runs wild within her.

Her debut into politics at the Technical University of Kenya was marked when she vied for the class representative position and won. She has diligently served her coursemates since 2019. Last year, she vied as a delegate and emerged as a winner. Presently, she is the representative of the Muslim Students Association in TUK. She is currently the running mate of Frederick Barasa in the SATUK presidency seat 2022/2023.

Mariam Hassan, on the right, with Fredrick Barasa (presidential aspirant) on the left.

When inquired about what prompted her to run for that position, she said that she has always felt the urge of being an active problem solver. She states that she relates to the daily struggles of comrades. For the past 3 years since she joined the school, she has identified a myriad of hardships affecting students. Since then, she started looking for solutions. She emphasizes that she wants to rewrite the mistakes of the previous regimes for the betterment of her comrades.

Mariam Hassan, incoming Deputy President of TUK.

Her mentor is none other than Shampi Anna, the current speaker of SATUK. She states that Shampi has been instrumental in her journey of leadership. She has moulded her and walked with her over the years. What she adores most about Shampi are her courage and demeanour.

Shampi Anna, the speaker of SATUK and Mariam’s mentor.

Below are her top five agendas she has for comrades:

1. Creation of welfare societies to tackle students’ challenges.
2. Organizing leadership training programs.
3. Positively impact the student community socially, financially and even psychologically. 4. Empowering young women. 5. Hosting inter-university competitions to promote diversity.

Cynthia Auma: a Go-getter, Selfless and the Prospective Congress Lady SCIT.

When it rains, it pours. When it snows, it blizzards. When all these ensue, then nature seems to be in accord that a great leader is about to be ushered in. There is a golden crown of leadership perched upon her head. She has stirred ripples in the School of Computing, Information and Technology due to her great work.

Cynthia Auma, Secretary General at Youpreneurs and the incoming Congress Lady SCIT

You can call her Cynthia Auma; the builder and mender of everything broken. She is a third-year student at the School of Computing and Information Technology. Currently, she is undertaking a course in Communication and Computer Networks. She is yearning to take the mantle of Congress Lady, SCIT, so that she can positively impact comrades.

Cynthia Auma, Secretary General at Youpreneurs and the incoming Congress Lady SCIT

She is the Secretary General and co-founder of a youth organization called Youprenuers based in Embakasi West. She established an alliance with the following 5 people in order to tackle students’ challenges collectively : John Njoroge Thuo, Nigel Owiti, Asahel Kigen, Eric Maina and Peter Lokong. Jointly, they achieved the following:

1. D13 Computer laboratory renovation. Together with her crew, they volunteered to carry out data points and conduct renovations of sockets in the laboratory. She is fondly likened to the Biblical Good Samaritan due to her selfless act.

2. Network configuration in the school library. Following the superb work she carried out in the D13, her team was assigned a task in the library to configure data point and sockets. They also set up the computers, worked on the patch panels inclusive of the switches. The laboratory in the library basement is awaiting official inauguration by president.

Cynthia Auma, together with her team working in the library on data points.

3. University website upgrade and management. In conjunction with her team, they curbed the menace of students getting forcefully deferred due to erroneous fee balances. She diligently led her squad in improving the website. Furthermore, she spearheaded the consolidation of the whole website into a more organized and up-to-date site.

Jointly, they have been carrying out this project since June. The project was scheduled to take six months. They are also working in partnership with the TUK webmaster to ensure that it is ranked amongst the best website among all the universities in Kenya. She asserts that at the moment, it is ranked at number 8 countrywide.

Cynthia Auma, Secretary General at Youpreneurs and the incoming Congress Lady SCIT

Her manifestos are short and precise and include the following:

  1. Quality academic service delivery through absorption of students who graduated with first-class honours. She states this will battle the challenge of scarcity of lecturers and in the process create employment opportunities for the TUK graduates who are yet to be employed.
  2. Hosting internal coding tournaments. She acknowledges these competitions are essential for the growth of the students. They not only give the students exposure to the world but also gives them the platform to perfect and showcase their prowess and land opportunities.
  3. Holding of monthly/termly assemblies/barazas. For greater growth of the school, she believes these meetings should be frequently held to help air and address the students’ grievances. She emphasises that it will also enhance the relationship between students and other leaders.
  4. Bridging the students with ICT companies e.g Microsoft, Moringa. She asserts the world of ICT is dynamic. Hence,through this initiative, students will have the chance to hone their skills with these reputable organisations.
  5. Revamping the Tusome website. This is a past paper repository. She says it is yet to be updated since the person who was working on it is held up. She wishes that more papers and their respective marking schemes be posted there. She reckons this will ensure an easy revision time for the students during examination periods.
  6. Conducting Pad Drive for the Ladies. Cynthia Auma states that menstruation is a necessity and not a luxury. Hence, all ladies need to have access to them without straining. Failure to do so causes severe repercussions like negatively affecting their performance in school due to absenteeism and lowering their self-esteem.
  7. Establishing mental health communities. She affirms that majority of students battle with mental health diseases due to financial constraints, physical abuse, drug addiction e.t.c. She hopes to bring counsellors on board to frequently help students avert this menace.

The caravan of electing good leadership is in motion albeit at a supersonic speed. If the students from the school of Computing and Information Technology hesitate to choose the path of great stewardship from Cynthia, then they might end up in the default path of poor service delivery.

Cynthia Auma, Secretary General at Youpreneurs and the incoming Congress Lady SCIT.

Lina Nyokabi, the Voice of the Comrades and the Incoming Finance Secretary 2021/2022.

She is a rose now in bloom. She is a political egalitarian who has defied all odds and overcome the massive torrents on her path to liberate comrades. The iron lady is none other than Lina Nyokabi John, the current congress lady of the School of Hospitality and Human Ecology and the incoming Finance Secretary 2022 /2023. Our tomorrow is nipped in the bud and in her hands, our future is secured.

Photo of the beautiful Lina delivering a powerful speech during the Afri-fusion Festival.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. On the same wavelength, her legacy was also not built in a day but over some time with continuous inputs of hard work and diligence. She has made the previously dormant school vibrant. Thus, rising among the ranks to secure itself a position among the top 3 best performing schools. She has gained massive followers like yeast due to her persistence and through offering the best service delivery. Here are some of her mega achievements:

First and foremost, she launched the first school club; the Hospitality, Psychology and Fashion Association (HOPFA) on the 20th of May 2022. This club has been a vital tool in the holistic growth of the students.

Through this association, students have networked, learnt the art of teamwork, developed soft skills like communication skills and even nurtured talents. It has also acted as a unifying factor for all students irrespective of their year in the university. Furthermore, it has been crucial in breaking the monotony of classroom learning.

Secondly, she held the first mega event that no school has ever held in TUK. It was dubbed the S.H.H.E Country Fest and ran overnight. The budget allocated for it was sh 50,000. Being a great strategist and the chief planner, she pulled off quite a grand and exquisite event. The occasion was well-coordinated by her. Food was served in plenty and everyone partook in dinner happily to their fulfilment.

Comrades enjoying themselves during the SHHE Fest.

There was also cocktails which were in abundance and offered in variety. On the same day, a cake was also cut and shared to mark the rebirth of the club and revive the spirit of comradeship. The dress code was a cowboy and guests duly followed the protocol. The climax was a sublime performance by the renowned DJ Stiga. Everyone at the dinner table was impressed by Lina’s creativity and perfection in hosting the event.

Winners of the best-dressed Cowboy attire at SHHE country Fest.

Thirdly, she was the brainchild of the S.H.H.E Stakeholder’s Open Day Event which took place on 20/05/2022. The enthusiastic and equally talented learners participated in showcasing their incredible exhibitions. Hence, she enhanced promotion of their brands, enabled them to meet with potential clients, nurtured their talents, recognized their efforts, imparted their self-confidence through public speaking session and helped them gain more knowledge.

Exhibitions displayed during the SHHE Stakeholders Open Day Event.

Fourthly, Lina, in full comprehension of the vital part of nurturing talents, also came up with a dance crew group called Ocean movers. It consisted of a team of young apt ladies and men. She strived and eventually secured them a chance for them to perform their debut country dance on national television. This deed portrayed her as a brave, selfless and determined leader. She gave them a wider platform outside the periphery of the walls of TUK.

The Dance crew, Ocean Movers posing for pic as they await to get interviewed by the TV Crew.

Finally, she held an Afri-fusion festival on the 3rd of June 2022 in TUK. This was carried out by the Events and Convention Management Class. During this occasion, students wore trendy and flashy attires to signify the diversity of African culture. Students came adorned in very beautiful attire as they exemplified the beauty in the diversity of the culture of the African communities.

To conclude, Lina Nyokabi has passed the litmus test of the incoming finance secretary. Her deeds have demonstrated that truly she is impartial, a great planner, transparent, multitalented and a go-getter. This is ostensibly the prerequisite of every finance secretary. She is a well-refined ore, approved by the blacksmith, who deserves a wider platform to serve students. Hence, that’s why she truly deserves to be the next face of the Finance Secretary 2022/2023.

Photo of the Lovely Lina Nyokabi, incoming Finance Secretary 2022/2023.

Her quest to clinch the seat is not to gain political mileage but to create avenues to empower students all around their spheres. Her realness precedes her. Indeed, she is the Miriam of our time destined to redeem us from the shackles of the common struggles of a comrade. We are all in unison that Lina Nyokabi John is the sole qualified successor of the Finance Secretary 2022/2023. She fits the shoe very well.

Lina Nyokabi posing for a pic in a previous school event.

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