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Rude and Arrogant Secretaries at Technical University of Kenya’s Finance Counters Frustrating Students and Parents Seeking Services.

On Monday 13th March 2023, a section of students at the Technical University of Kenya expressed their dissatisfaction with the decorum in which secretaries at the counter offices in the university conduct their services.

Complaint of secrerarie’s decorum as issued in TU-K BLAST.

They lamented the insolence and egotism of the secretaries. Yelling and dishing out insults and threats at students has been the order of the day. On the contrary, other secretaries in the same institution but in different departments conduct their work efficiently and with kindness.

Despite the secretaries at the counters reporting to their work stations at 9.00 a.m, only two of them will start offering services at 2.00 p.m. During morning hours, they all engage in gossip as they browse their phones. How can only two secretaries in an institution of higher learning serve a population of not less than 17,000 students for four hours only? Isn’t this mockery of a world-class university?

Moreover, they scorn and threaten students and parents alike who call them out for accountability. At 4.00 p.m, they immediately depart the offices regardless of whether people are waiting to be served or not. This cycle continues the following day till the end month when they delightedly receive their salaries.

The notion of combatting the rudeness of secretaries has always been used as a campaign tool by various aspirants during the electioneering period. Unfortunately, once sworn in, the matter isn’t followed up. Hence, students and parents continue suffering psychologically and emotionally after being duped.

4 days later after the rants were aired in the TU-K Blast Whatsapp Group that hosts more than 500 students, no action has been taken. Only Maurice Cornel, School Representative of School of Mathematics and Actuarial Science, was in agreement with the students’ lamentations and willing to offer a helping hand. A formal letter regarding action to be taken by student leaders is yet to be issued. In the previous S.A.T.U.K government, members of the executive would promptly address grievances and ensure a follow-up.

Currently, students feel neglected and doubled cross by the current one. They have termed the current S.A.T.U.K as the weakest leadership despite riding under the mantra of “freedom is coming” in their previous campaigns. Six months after being sworn in, freedom seems an illusion.

Through the spirit of Ubuntu, students decided they will demand for justice independently since their pleas have been ignored.

Students being encouraged to work in unison to eliminate the vice.

A peaceful meeting is set to be held to liberate comrades from the york of insolent secretaries and fragile leaders. There has been a proposal of organising a Kamukunji (meeting) to discuss the issues further.

Indeed, enough is enough!


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19 thoughts on “Rude and Arrogant Secretaries at Technical University of Kenya’s Finance Counters Frustrating Students and Parents Seeking Services.

  1. This is a great article highlighting the plight of comrades. Services that should be rendered freely & professionally now lying on the mercy of heartless and arrogant secs. Something indeed something needs to be done.

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  2. This matter is really devastating…Will visit the finance office and ensure these secretaries handle comrades with decorum and respect…
    They are there for the comrades
    We gat you..

    Liked by 2 people

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