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Ruth Maina: the Business Empress, Beauty icon and a Go-getter.

She is among the movers and shakers of the Technical University of Kenya. Ruth Maina, popularly known as Mynar, is a finalist student awaiting graduation at the Technical University of Kenya. She hails from the School of Business and Management Studies where she has been undertaking a course in Business Administration.

The ever focused and jovial Ruth Maina.

Endowed with beauty, she walks around cladded in humility; humor being her close pal. We had a talk with the ever-jovial fashion icon and steadfast entrepreneur on various issues regarding herself and her opinions on school matters. Below is the conversation.

Describe yourself: (smiles) My name is Ruth Wangui Maina. I am 23 years old, a proud Salesian Youth, and the last born in my family where I happen to be the only girl.

Describe your stay in TU-K: I joined the institution in July 2019. My stay there was quite okay until I decided to join politics which ultimately became a game changer. Politics impacted my life both positively and negatively. Nevertheless, am grateful for the experience.

Who is your mentor: My mother is my mentor since I grew up in a business-oriented family. She has inspired and molded me into whom I am. Being a business lady, I’ll take all risks to front a business idea on the table.

Who is your favourite musician: The late John De’mathew and Samidoh.

Ruth Maina during a recent photo shoot.

What are some of the challenges students face in the institution: Expensive accommodation, scarcity of chairs and bumping into people in the city. (laughs) kuna time niligongwa na mamaa mmoja na bag karibu nianguke nikashikiliwa na makanga. ( A woman once hit me with a bag. I was at the verge of falling when one tout held me).

What motivates you in life: Plastic receptacles since they remain useful even after being discarded. Moreover, most of them bear the writing, “Recycle me” which metaphorically translates to seeking another chance. Therefore, I believe everyone should be given a second chance to showcase their capabilities in all domains apart from love.

What’s your favorite fruit: I love both watermelon and kiwi. The former is due to its sweetness while the latter is because it cools me down whenever I overthink.

What are your hobbies: Sleeping, watching reality television shows, laughing, and taking photos of the environment.

What’s your advice to continuing students: (thinks deeply) Hey loves. Firstly, live your life to the fullest; living each day as if it is your last. Secondly, always be good to the multitude regardless of the situation. Thirdly, be authentic and avoid comparisons. Fourthly, work smart and remember that an academic certificate will always be significant. Finally, put God first constantly in all your undertakings.

Ruth Maina during her first year in the university.

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