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Malfunctioning of the Lift in S-Block that almost led to the Demise of eight Students at Technical University of Kenya.

On 7/2/2023, that is, last week Friday, a group of 8 students from Technical University of Kenya painfully acknowledged that life seldom grants us second chances. The following is a tale of hope that transcended matter, time, and space to bring restoration as narrated by the survivors. It occurred within 30 minutes at the elevator in the newly opened S-Block at the Technical University of Kenya.

The newly opened S-Block where the lifts malfunctioned.

On Friday, last week at 3.20 pm, 8 students embarked the ill-fated elevator on S-block which was by then in good condition. They were heading to seventh floor from ground floor merrily. On their way, it suddenly halted, lights went off, the execution buttons failed, the conditioning system stopped functioning and communication network went down.

They were all smiles at the time of embarking the elevator.

Very few calls went through. Communication with the security personnel of the elevator in charge of picking up emergency numbers was rendered fruitless. By then, aching pangs of freedom grew louder. Unfortunately, they were running short of oxygen and time wasn’t on their side.

They were armed with the only remaining resources for survival: optimism and prayers. Fortunately, their frantic calls to some Good Samaritans were answered: Kirera Muchoki (TU-K President), Collins Cheruiyot ( congressman school of Survey and Spatial Sciences), and Onesmus (class representative). They collaboratively came to the rescue of the students.

The 8 students discussing in the elevator.

There was a constellation of joy as they disembarked from the ill-fated lift. Every chamber of their heart was perforated with joy. It’s hopeful that such cases will be averted in the future to avoid a possible calamity.

We have drafted a set of guidelines to follow if trapped in the elevator:

1. Maintain tranquility.
2. Find a source of light.
3. Push the “door open” button.
4. Press the call button.
5. Press the alarm button.
6. Yell for help. 7. Wait for aid.

Verily, hope buoys the human spirit and comforts the troubled soul.

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