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A Recap of the top 7 Activities that took place at the Technical University of Kenya in the Month of January 2023.

The Technical University of Kenya has been buzzing with numerous activities after ushering the new year; 2023. Here are the top seven highlights of what happened at the Technical University of Kenya in January 2023 as compiled and presented to you by Frenchbaby Press:

1. A.D.L Talk by French Dignitaries from French Embassy on 10/1/2023.

The Technical University of Kenya hosted the first national visit by dignitaries from French Embassy at the TU-K Main Hall. It was an in-depth talk on the Student Exchange Program as Language Assistants in France. In attendance, was the TU-K club patron; Dr. Teresa Atieno, the TU-K French lecturers, the French Language Assistants in TU-K, students from TU-K and various universities.

A poster on A.D.L Talk held on Main Hall.

2. Loss of Elizabeth Mwangi on 12/01/2023 and Caleb Maisiba on 15/01/2023.

A photo of Elizabeth Mwangi and Caleb Maisiba who passed away.

There was a somber mood at the Technical University of Kenya after the sudden demise of two of its promising academic champions: Elizabeth and Caleb. Elizabeth Mwangi succumbed to an illness while Caleb Maisiba drowned in a swimming pool. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

Announcements on the duos death via Whatsapp.

3. Boycotting of Class representatives after Release of Memo on 25th January 2023.

The class representatives officially released a memo to announce that they were downing their tools on 30/1/2023. This is after failing to get paid for two consecutive terms. They claimed their pleas are yet to be heard. The Academic Secretary, Stephany, is yet to officially/publicly address the matter.

A memo released by school representatives on their go-slow due to pending payments.

Moreover, there have been complaints that the Academic Secretary is unresponsive to pleas of the students in relation to Academics. This is in contrary to how the former Academic Secretaries; Fredrick and Tryphone responded to the woos of the students.

Two separate Whatsapp Messages with the first one from a class representative confirming that their issues aren’t being addressed by the Academic Secretary. The second one is from a student lamenting on the unresponsiveness of the Academic Secretary in the famous Whatsapp Group, TU-K Blast.

4. Secretary-General, Peter Ogutu, Orders for Return of Normalcy at the Student Center after its Closure on 25/01/2023.

The Student Centre remained closed for the past two weeks. This was due to the lapse and subsequent termination of previous service providers’ contracts and the opening of applications on the same. It was also undergoing renovations. Unfortunately, comrades were being inconvenienced in terms of outsourcing for services outside school; which had proved to be expensive. The SG, Peter Ogutu, on Thursday released a chilling memo on the repercussions that would occur to the stakeholders if normalcy wasn’t restored after 72 hours.

A memo from the Secretary-General, Peter Ogutu regarding the normalcy at Student Centre.

5. A Meeting for International Students held on 24/01/2023 at Room 31.

International students had a rendezvous on 24th January 2023 in Room 31. There was a brief introduction of the new members. Then, they planned to organize an International Students’ Day inclusive of the activities to be undertaken. Furthermore, the Dean of Students addressed them and listened to their grievances regarding their stay at the university.

A memo by Francisca Maloba,International Students Representative regarding the meeting.

6. School of Survey and Spatial Science held the first Survey training on Total Station from 26/01/2023-28/01/2023.

The School of Survey and Spatial Sciences in conjunction with professionals from Samtech Technologies held a three-day Survey training for students. It was on how to set up a Total Station, how to collect data from it, and how to work with the data. The event was made possible by the two hardworking School Representatives; Collins Cheruiyot and Regina Musembi. Moreover, some students from the School of Construction and Property Studies were in attendance.

Students from school of Survey and Spatial Sciences together with those ones from School of Construction and Property Studies during training.

7. School of Mathematics and Acturial Science Scheduled Visit to Living Children’s Home.

On 25/01/2023, school representatives of the School of Mathematics and Actuarial Science; Maurice Cornel and Leila Abdalla, officially unveiled their first school event: a visit to Living Children’s Home at Zimmerman on 25/02/2023. They called upon everyone to donate whatever they were willing to. If you would like to contribute, reach out to Victoria Muiruri, the treasurer, on 0110180186.

A poster on the visit to Children’s home, organised by the school of Maths and Acturial Science.

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