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Lucky Jonnes also known as Mbuzi wa Migori briefly Opens up about himself.

We recently held a lengthy talk with one of the most comical students at the Technical University of Kenya. His fulfillment is profoundly entrenched in spreading happiness by cracking jokes. Indeed, humor is a robust shield from depression and a fortress against discomfort. Here is our conversation with Lucky Jonnes/ Mbuzi wa Migori:

Lucky Jones, popularly known as Mbuzi wa Migori at the Technical University of Kenya.

Briefly describe yourself: (smiles) My name is Lucky Jonnes Ologi, widely known as Mbuzi wa Migori. I am 21 years old and I like jesting, cooking sumptuous meals, and exercising kindness.

What course are you currently pursuing at the University: I’m a second-year Journalism and Media student.

Who is your mentor: I frankly admire my dad. In fact, he is a Bishop.

Lucky Jonnes enjoying the serene environment.

If you were to change one thing about TU-K, what would it be: There are various things I would love to mention but I will cite the essentials: earlier release of results and mode of conduction of learning.

What’s your favorite meal at the student center: (laughs) Ugali mlima. Ni ugali iko na nyama kubwakubwa.

Final word to the students: Firstly, be proud of TU-K. Secondly, ensure you are accountable for every minute that you spend here. Finally, do what brought you to school.

Lucky Jonnes at school.

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19 thoughts on “Lucky Jonnes also known as Mbuzi wa Migori briefly Opens up about himself.

    1. Well, ugali mlima is a name that can’t be excellently translated to other languages but can rather be explained. It’s a Kenyan cuisine comprising of ugali (thick African cornmeal) served with few peaces of hot bonemeat and its soup in plenty. It’s delicious beyond your imagination πŸ˜‹

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