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Mixed Reaction to Opening Date of Institutions Countrywide by Different Calibres of Students.

Air gyrates in hushed whispers as the school slowly roars back to life. Transitioning from the cool ambiance at home to the webs of hardship in school is one of the most discomforting feelings for students. With the scrapping of the Higher Loans Education Board, there is nothing much to look forward to. Today, we highlight the different reactions of the caliber of students to the opening dates of the institution:

A rare of picture choosing to enter the crocodile’s mouth than attending the first week of school opening.

1. The Legends of ‘Kuinama’.

Currently, they neither have the urge nor the willpower of returning to school in time. They are presently dwelling in the paradise they so longed for. A land, not only of overflowing milk and honey but also of limitless pumpkins, sugarcanes, maize, etc. The earliest they will report to school is in February alongside tons of harvests from the farm.

A rare photo of some commodities comrades come with from home.

2. The Campus Couple.

They are desperately awaiting to renew their vows and promises that were vilely muttered under ecstasy. The seeds of love are withering with time due to factors like poor network and attacks from neighboring communities. They wait to rekindle their love through cladding in matching T-shirts and by engaging in their YouTube Channel skits.

Photo Courtesy of Campus life in Kenya-FB, of a couple.

3. Class Representatives.

They are the engines of education. Accordingly, they reported to school during the first week of reopening due to the nature of jobs. They have been signing nominal roll, sending tons of Whatsapp messages to woo students back to school, and making a follow-up with lecturers to commence lectures in advance.

Meme detecting class rep’s attendance for lectures.

4. The Fashionistas.

These are the trendsetters in school. They brighten school with their aura and outstanding sense of fashion. The passion with which they coalesce style with learning mesmerizes everyone. Their creativity speaks volumes. They are an asset to be highly guarded. They may report to school during the second week of learning.

Instagram influencer.

5. The “Choppies”.

Libraries have always been their favorite chilling spot. They can’t wait to express their admiration for books, ask numerous questions to professors and explain the hard concepts to their course mates. Their thirst for education is only quenched from the onset of the reopening of schools.

M.K.U Library.


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