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List of Graduates who have left Memorable Footprints in the Hearts of Many during the 11th Graduation Ceremony in TU-K 2022.

The undaunted graduates at the Technical University of Kenya heartily congregated at the TU-K Graduation Square for the 11th Annual Graduation tradition. The magnet of education had attracted exemplary students and ignited a universal spark and flame of preeminence. They stood tall as the Himalayas while cladding adorable attire.

Elated graduates being conferred the power to read and do to what pertains to their Certificate/Diploma/Degree.

From the rustling of their gaudy graduation gowns to the squeaking of their sleek shoes on the floor, to the pattering of the footsteps of guests, and ultimately to the slouching of their shoulders. These movements boldly accentuated one theme- euphoria. Cameras flickered everywhere as the photographer(s) endeavored to capture the finest moments. We held a brief conversation with some of the graduates. Here is what they had to say:

TU-K Graduates sitting calmly as they follow the proceedings of the ceremony.

1. Reagan Mutimba: BSC Degree in Medical Laboratory Science-Former Speaker of Congress 2020/2021 and Winner of the Vice-Chancellor’s Award-the Most Outstanding Student 2020/2021.

He describes this occasion as momentous. He declares, “I have made a vast network of companions, and gained innumerable leadership skills. I administered as a Class Representative then later served simultaneously as the Congressman and as the Speaker of the Congress.”

Reagan Mutimba, former Speaker of Congress 2020/2021.

He insists that God has been his captain throughout this voyage. He states, “I step out into the job market with my head held high- full of exuberance and determination -knowing that satisfactory prospects and opportunities lie ahead.” Additionally, he advises learners to keep striving for advancement in their academic life.

Reagan Mutimba posing for a photo as he awaits the graduation ceremony.

2. Paula Atieno: Diploma in Technology-Events and Convention Management and Former Class Representative.

She joined the institution on the 20th of August 2018. She profoundly talks about the challenges she has encountered during her course of study. Her major ones are the COVID-19 Pandemic and the hurdles of getting attachment opportunities. On the flip side, she argues that life without challenges must be boring.

Paula Atieno graciously posing for a photo as she awaits the graduation ceremony.

Furthermore, she gives her vote of thanks to the following: her parents, lecturers, and friends Zainab, Susan, and Mike. She further recognizes the pivotal role her mentor, Millicent Naserian, has played in her life. She states, “Millicent has made a tremendous impact on my life. One of the things I’ve learned from her is to believe in myself. To those of you waiting to graduate, I’d urge you not to relent.”

Millicent Naiserian, the Mentor to Paula.

3. Paul Wachira: Bsc Information Science-Library science & information studies). Former Aspirant for the Seat of Academic Secrerary 2021/2022.

He is from the School of Information and Social Sciences. He emphasizes that triumph feels better when you’ve been consistently striving. He sums up that the recipe for success in life is involving God every step of the way. He summarises with gratitude, “Thank you family, friends, and comrades for the assistance. I wish to extend my gratitude to my lecturers for bringing the best out in me. I affirm we were trained for the real world.”

Paul Wachira graduating with a Bachelor of Degree in Information Science (Library science & information studies).

4. Gideon Bota Nyambane: Bachelor of Degree in Urban Planning and Development. Former Congressman School of Architecture and Spatial Planning and Sergeant at Arms of Congress 2020/2021.

Gideon Bota is gladdened by this occasion. In fact, he highly speaks on how he has been acquainted with how to polish his artistic talent to a professional urban designer level during his stay at the institute. Moreover, he is appreciative of being bestowed the opportunity to serve comrades diligently in the political arena.

Gideon Bota posing for a photo as he awaits the graduation ceremony.

He concedes that the journey has not been easy due to spending long hours on coursework. However, he admits that God has made the terrain bearable. He aspires to have a chance to put all the knacks and skills that he has obtained for the betterment of urban areas. He cautions, “You may feel lost in the maze of your education. Nonetheless, cement your faith as you work hard. It will pay off in due time. Furthermore, cherish your classmates to attain your intents.”

Gideon Bota.

Other Phenomenal Graduates who were crowned today:

  • Clinton Mariera- Former Secretary General SATUK 2020/2021.
  • Wendy Brooke- Former Mayoress of Ladies’ Hostels 2020/2021.
  • Benson Manuko- Former Congresman SMAS 2020/2021 and former Aspirant for Secretary General Position 2021/2022.
  • Millicent Naserian- Former Deputy Speaker SATUK 2020/2021 and Congress lady SHHE.
From top left to right; Clinton Mariera, Millicent Naserian, Benson Manuko and Wendy Brooke.

Below is the graduation booklet with the full information on the other students who graduated on 21/12/2022. Feel free to contact us via our email: or give us a call on +254769409546.


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