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Campus is a beautiful paradise for anyone who calls it home. It is filled with people who have hearts that are as warm as the sand on the beach. Join us today as we debunk the common myths about it. Feel free to add yours.

1. On campus there is minimal or zero reading. Back in high school, we were told to study hard since on campus all we would do was relax. This was nothing but fiction. Without intensive reading, a comrade will proudly earn himself a cordial invitation as a chief guest to an event dubbed Supplementary Exam (Sup). As a norm, without adequate preparedness, your only companion in the exam room will be a plague of darkness. A plague as dark as your ex’s heart or as Ongwano Jarabai would say as dark as the ghost of Garbatulla.

For you to survive on campus, you must make books your friend.

2. You are allowed to walk out of lectures. While in high school, the alumni would often tell us about the level of freedom on campus. It was always a Mandela moment whenever they talked. They would passionately talk about how one is allowed to walk out of professors regardless of the circumstances. However, pulling this stunt is equivalent to signing a death threat.

3. Campus has potential partners. We were told that campus is a sea of the most attractive people. An exquisite magical exhibition full of focused and potential suitors. Nonetheless, things are totally different. Only the crop of play boys and slay queens run the campus city. Hakuna mapenzy campus.

A random lady posing for a photo.

4. You will live like a king. They alleged that comrades will be gifted a hefty sum of money from Helb. They claimed that their lifestyle will be upgraded to match that of a C.E.O. However, here hunger chews students mercilessly like raw yams. 0-0-1 or 0-1-0 is the secret code used by the affluent students to beat hunger pangs. The unlucky ones take piriton to lull themselves to sleep.

What other myths were you told? Feel free to share. Meanwhile, follow my site for other enticing blogs. Make sure to like, comment and share the article with your friends.


Published by French Baby

Construction Manager, Site Engineer, Contractor, An English, and French writer.


  1. I enjoyed your post! I love your caption under the first photo: “for you to survive on campus, you must make books your friend” So true. I remember (long ago) being assigned 1,000 pages a week. Needless to say, I didn’t get close. Thanks for the memories. (Also, I had the great fortune to visit Nairobi briefly in 1991. It was fascinating city; I imagine it’s even more interesting now!) Keep writing!

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