Verses upon verses flood my mind as I try to pen down a story of the beloved queen of T.U.K. The desire of everyone. She is an emblem of love. The undisputed queen of taste and beauty. Allow me to introduce the one who has held many captives by her taste; Queen Ice Pop. The first of her name and conqueror of the kingdom which was previously under the rule of the former Queen, Chapo Madondo.

The beautiful queen Ice Pop.

She manifests herself in many forms: strawberry, lemon, grape, orange e.tc. One bite of her is quickly followed by the slithering and swirling of the ice pop down the digestive system. A feeling of ecstasy is experienced by the consumer once the Ice pop majestically lands in the stomach. She reciprocates the warm reception she receives there by making the consumer have a smile stronger than curry powder and hotter than pepper. Wherever the queen is, the atmosphere is filled with the ‘fresh barida’ feeling.

She is a song that even the deaf hear and the book that the blind can read. Her heavenly sight makes the heart dance giddily with joy. She is our divine sweet petunia rose of heaven. Her favourite spot is the student centre where she likes chilling with the big boys. Sometimes you may find her sunbathing her assets in the company of a bevy of beautiful girls .

The fierce competitor of ice pop who is trying to overthrow her.

One unique thing about Queen Ice Pop is that she is ever-present. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the blazing midday sun and also at midnight. She is the beauty that colours the irises of comrades. She is every poem, every line, every letter and every word that rhymes with the rhythm of their hearts.

Everyone in the institution knows without a shadow of a doubt that she is here to stay. She is the rainbow of paints that brings life into the dull world of TUK. She is like magic made potent with time. Oh, hail the beautiful queen, Ice Pop.

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